High-Density Mobile Systems

Simply put, High-Density Mobile Systems allow you to store and do more. Unlike traditional static shelves that require a fixed amount of space, High-Density Mobile Systems eliminates wasted aisle space to optimize your footprint and increase your capacity for more storage and/or workspace within the same square footage.

GROW mobile system with cannabis plants
public safety heavy duty mobile shelving system
Notre Dame football custom High-density athletics storage
highbay mobile shelving system
law library powered mobile system holding books

The Impact of Mobile Shelving

As your organization grows, so does its need for additional space. Without the real estate necessary to expand your footprint, your space can become overcrowded and unorganized, leading to decreased productivity, low morale, increased safety hazards, and ultimately, a negative effect on your bottom line. By mounting shelving or cabinets onto a carriage and rail system, High-Density Mobile Systems compact your storage space, enabling you to significantly increase your storage capacity and ability to do the things that can grow your business.

The Value of Local Expertise

A small team in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin introduced the concept of High-Density Mobile Storage Systems to the U.S. in 1972. Since then, our extensive network of storage experts and factory-certified technicians has provided unparalleled planning services, product installation, and long-term service and maintenance to users throughout the world.

Contact your local Spacesaver representative to arrange a free, no-obligation space assessment and learn how adding high-density mobile shelving can help make your facility a safer, more productive, and more efficient space.

Weighting the Advantages of High-Density Storage AIA presentation

Weighing the Advantages of High-Density Storage

A continuing education course on how utilizing high-density mobile storage systems can save space, time, and money for a wide array of users with its efficient design and versatile functionality.

museum hanging collection compact storage solution

Standard Mobile System

Our most widely used high-density option, available in a variety of controls and safety options.

low profile high-density spacesaver mobile system

Low-Profile Mobile System

Fit your space and your plans with Wheelhouse®. This mobile system can easily be reconfigured to fit new requirements and new spaces.

high-density mobile system with industrial shelving

Heavy-Duty Mobile Racking

Load capacities of 3,000-30,000 pounds per carriage make this the go-to solution for storing large or heavy items without facility expansion.

xtend high-bay high-density mobile system

High-Bay Mobile System

Free space on-site with off-site storage solutions. Discover how High-Bay can take your organization to new heights.

spacesaver vertical growing high-density mobile system

GROW Mobile System

Low-profile carriage eliminates wasted aisle space and provides full accessibility to every plant.

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university two story athletic equipment room with custom graphic mobile systems
large warehouse compact long term evidence storage solutions

Modes Of Operation

Spacesaver’s compact storage systems eliminate wasted aisle space by mounting shelving, cabinets, or racking on carriages that move along rails. Depending on your space and operational needs, we offer three control options to choose from:  manual, mechanical assist, or powered.

Highbay evidence storage on high-density mobile system

Spacesaver’s electric shelving systems are reliable, fast, and safe. You can activate system movement with the push of a button or the touch of an LCD screen, and then enter the aisle as it opens. These systems offer PIN or badge-swipe activation to maintain an audit trail and limit access to confidential or valuable items, and the “soft-start, soft-stop” feature is ideal for fragile objects. Powered controls Include Touch Technology, Gesture Control™ and TUSC® Control App.

indoor cannabis farming heavy-duty table racking
Mechanical Assist

Mobile shelving units are moved by simply turning an ergonomically designed, soft-touch, three spoke rotating handle. This handle allows users to move carriage weights of 4,000 to 10,000 lbs. with only one pound of effort. A variety of safety options are available for mechanical assist mobile storage systems.

golf bag storage with manual high-density storage system

Spacesaver manual mobile shelving systems are a cost-effective alternative to mechanical assist controls. Pulling the handle moves the carriage from side to side. Ideal for smaller mobile storage systems with lighter loads.

Safety Options

Safety is the highest priority in the design and installation of our products – which is why we offer multiple features to ensure protection for employees and items. Below are the comprehensive safety features, with Safety Sweep available in Mechanical Assist applications, and all features available in our Eclipse Powered Systems®.

safety sweep - mobile system safety features
1. Safety Sweep

Full protection for people and objects in open HDMS aisles by automatically stopping carriage movement upon contact.

photo sweep - mobile system safety feature
2. Photo Sweep®

An infrared light beam projected the length of the carriage at its base, stops system movement when broken.

aisle entry sensor - mobile system safety feature
3. Aisle Entry Sensor

If a person enters a closing aisle, cross-aisle sensors stop the system from moving.

zero force sensor - mobile system safety features
4. Zero Force Sensor®

Multiple infrared beams detect a person’s entry into or presence within an open aisle and automatically lock down carriage movement.

Where to Start

We have a solution for all your storage needs. The easiest way to decide what High-Density Mobile Systems is right for you is to contact us to get in touch with your local storage specialist.

Standard Low-Profile Heavy-Duty High-Bay Vertical GROW
Max Weight 1,000 lbs per linear ft 450-750 lbs per linear ft 3K-30K lbs per shelving section 16K lbs per shelving section 3K lbs per shelving section
Max Length 81’ 24’ 72’ 38’
Made in USA X X X X X
Easily Relocatable X
Local Support X X X X X