Spacesaver Steel Lockers

When you need to keep something secure while you work, play, or anything in between, our locker lineup has a solution for all your items. We have designed custom solutions to meet your needs – from protecting personal property to securing evidence – because we know not all lockers are interchangeable.

day use lockers for modern office needs
skokie police officer locker room design
officer duty room with personal storage lockers
day use locker in school and youth centers
police duty gear bag lockers
digilock on day use lockers

Day Use Lockers

Patrons within your facility need a secure place to store belongings. Whether for an office, a manufacturing facility, or a educational institution, Spacesaver’s team can ensure you have a solution that is both strong and visually appealing.

freestyle personal storage locker custom configurations

Personal Storage Lockers

Created to meet the high standards of quality and reliablity required for police locker rooms, our heavy-duty personal storage lockers offer the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of items with ease.

tiered gear locker configuration

Gear Lockers

When your storage needs go beyond small personal items and uniforms, our Gear Lockers offer a solution that will help maximize space while securing field gear, duty bags, and bulky equipment. With our different lock options, we can make sure that security is not an impediment to readiness.

evidence locker multi tier and full height configurations

Evidence Lockers

No matter what shape, size, or form your evidence presents itself in, Spacesaver has the expertise and solutions to preserve it and the safety of your community. Our heavy-duty evidence lockers can be configured in hundreds of different combinations, ensuring your exact situation is met and barriers from maintaining the chain of custody of evidence are removed.

Our durable and versatile solutions

Providing safety for anything you may wish to store, including:

lockers uniforms open gear lockers
lockers personal items public safety
Personal items
lockers electronics public safety
lockers weapons public safety
lockers supplies public safety
lockers evidence public safety

Lock Options for Securing Lockers

Durable, steel construction ensures that your lockers stand up to the test of time and everyday usage. Paired with a wide variety of locks available from top manufacturers, not only will the lockers be tough, but also secure.

Electronic & Smart Lockers

Integrating modern technology with proven dependability, our electronic lockers are compatible with several of the leading electronic lock providers. Further extending this integration, our smart lockers incorporate locking mechanisms that allow users to access stored materials through technology with data tracking capabilities.

digilock keypad lock option
Digilock Numeris Aspire Keypad Lock
zephyr lock option
controlloc technology smark lock option
digilock numer aspire rfid lock option
Digilock Numeris Aspire RFID Lock
ojmar ocs smart lock option
Ojmar OCS Smart*
ojmar ots advance rfid lock option
Ojmar OTS Advance*
gantner badge swap lock option
Gantner RFID*
ojmar ocs mart lock option
Ojmar OCS® Pro*

*Indicates a locking mechanism used in our smart lockers

Mechanical Lockers

Proven, durable lockers that utilize analog locking mechanisms, providing users secure access to lockers through a key, combination, or hasp function.

digilock hasp lock option
Digilock Hasp
digilock combination lock option
Digilock Mechanical Combo
keyed lock option
ojmar combination pro lock option
Ojmar Combi Pro Combo