Strategic Supply Management

Hospitals and healthcare facilities exist to help people heal, all of which require a great deal of supplies. Those supplies need to be stored whether space is allocated or not. Knowing that space in healthcare is expensive to design, build, and occupy, what does it look like when we optimize these environments with healthcare storage solutions to save space while improving patient care and controlling costs?

Spacesaver offers medical storage solutions from stainless steel shelving to records storage, healthcare lockers to pharmacy shelving, and climate-controlled storage to medical carts – all part of a cohesive healthcare facility design to help teams work efficiently, effectively, and keep patients front and center.

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medical supply shelving design
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Saving Space

Every cubic foot of a healthcare facility that’s used for storage is space that could be used for patient care, and patient care areas are the spaces that generate revenue. There’s a misconception that healthcare storage space doesn’t visibly impact patient care and directly generate revenue, that storage is “wasted” space. However, proper medical supply storage is vital to optimizing workflows and creating operational efficiencies, both of which promote patient health.

healthcare flexible shelving storage solutions

Controlling Costs

Streamlined inventory processes
Restricted access to costly assets
Less staff time spent restocking and looking for supplies
Less idle equipment and fewer idle supplies

Total Healthcare Solutions

Spacesaver understands the needs of the healthcare system and the unique solutions needed in the following places:

healthcare easy patient storage design

Improving Patient Care

Proper healthcare storage directly impacts a patient’s care and experience by:

  • Minimizing time looking for supplies
  • Reducing risk of mix-ups
  • Reducing risk of infection
  • Allowing staff to spend more time with patients

Spacesaver storage planning professionals can support your vision for healthcare facility design that saves space, controls costs, and, most importantly, supports better patient outcomes and staff satisfaction.

AIA Presentation: Designing Healthcare Facilities

Designing Healthcare Facilities

Learn how to improve patient care, control costs and save space within the healthcare environment. This presentation can count toward 1 AIA/IDEC/HSW LU credit.
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Why Spacesaver?

Spacesaver and our network of local consultants can help design, build, install, and maintain flexible storage systems that integrate with existing equipment while saving space and providing room to grow. We have been engineering and manufacturing high-quality, durable storage solutions in the US for medical supplies and so much more for over 50 years. Let us know how we can help!