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Announcing Bluetooth Control of Spacesaver High-density Storage Systems

Now you can open and close aisles of your mobile shelving system from your personal mobile devices.

August 14th, 2019 - less than a minute read

Control Your Powered Systems Wirelessly

We’re excited to announce that Spacesaver is going wireless! Today we’re introducing our patent-pending TUSC® platform (Transforming Usable Space & Compatibility), which uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet to powered Spacesaver systems.

The TUSC® Control app allows you to open and close aisles, browse and search for stored items, and view your system’s safety status.

Get the details on features, hardware requirements, and more.

See it in Action

This brewery saved time and increased capacity in its cold storage warehouse by using Spacesaver’s wireless technology. Read the full story.

bluetooth heavy-duty high-density cold storage
mobile system control app item invetory list

Simple & Secure

The app is compatible with iOS and Android smart devices. Features include:

Easy Set-up

  • No IT involvement needed

Native Security

  • Direct, secure connection between smart device and system
  • System does not use a network connection
  • No ethernet or TPC/IP connection to maintain

Item Search

  • Simple searchable text listing that mimics physical labels

Control of system movement from up to 100 feet away

  • Open, close, and reset locked aisles
  • Restrict access to systems and specific aisles based on smartphone or tablet unique ID
  • Require credentials like PIN, badge swipe, or fingerprint

Safety First

The app’s display mirrors the control head, letting you know if the system is ready to open or if a person or object might be in an aisle. You can stop movement at any time, and the system automatically stops if the safety beams are broken.

mobile app stop high-density system
mobile app tusc technology control

How it Works

Spacesaver’s patent-pending TUSC® platform is contained in a single small box that’s mounted on top of your shelving or racking.

You’ll need the TUSC® box and a bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android device, and you’ll need to be within 100 feet of the Spacesaver system to establish a connection. Keep in mind that all other users will be locked out of the system while you’re connected.

Eliminate High-touch Surfaces

Contact us to upgrade your current powered mobile system or get a new high-density mobile system installed to take advantage of this wireless technology. Eliminate high-touch surfaces from your storage spaces and provide worry-free access to our powered mobile systems with the TUSC Transforming Usable Space & Compatibility® Control app.

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