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Top 8 Athletic Equipment Storage Solutions

We're getting in the spirit of the Madness, vote for your favorite athletic storage solution.

March 15th, 2022 - 2 min read

It’s officially Springtime!

Athletes of all levels will be breaking out their balls, bats, and body paint to get all caught up in the madness!

2022 Spacesaver Athletic Madness logo

For Athletics departments, this madness includes:

  • End of season tournaments
  • Summer project planning
  • Recruiting for next school year
  • Allocating remaining resources
  • Budgeting for the future

So, to support these efforts and incorporate the spirit of that NCAA competition with brackets and a round ball, we at Spacesaver are instituting our version – Spacesaver Madness.

Each week, we’ll put products head-to-head and have our social media followers vote on which solutions move to the next stage.

Results will be provided via our social media channels as the “tournament” progresses, leading to a people’s champion (though all our products are winners) that will be crowned around the same time you hear “One Shining Moment.”

Without further ado, here are the eight contenders for the trophy and an example of how they can provide the most significant impact for your athletics department:

Modular Cart

From medical supplies to halftime refreshments, these carts bring the gear to keep athletes in the game. Moving with the pace of the game, they keep you on the road to the title! See This Solution

2022 aema presentation mobile cart for athletic equipment

Athletic Lockers

Individual lockers make sure athletes never forget their equipment at home again. Safe and durable, coaches can focus on developing their athletes instead of investing in theft or damages.

Athletic Day Use Pass-through Lockers

Equipment Lockers

A place for officials and spectators to safely store their materials and equipment while enjoying the action. These versatile lockers provide storage solutions in spaces where locker rooms aren’t always accessible.

Spacesaver athletic Day Use Locker wall and smaller image of athletic staff by pass thru lockers

Equipment Pass-through Lockers

Allows direct access to support equipment room staff to securely handle and return equipment to team members. Gear is easily accessed and kept in top condition, saving time and money for Athletics departments. See Equipment Exchange Solutions

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