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Transforming Libraries to Meet Users’ Changing Needs

What’s in the presentation?

Libraries have responded to the changing needs of the communities they serve, and are seeking to create more flexible, open, and technology rich spaces. Architects and designers are required to design for flexibility and openness within existing and limited spaces. In this course, architects and designers will learn how to combat these challenges by using furniture, fixtures, and equipment that are able to reduce the amount of space being used for book storage and increase the availability of space with flexible FF&E. Through the proper design and use of mobile FF&E, designers will be able to design libraries that respond to up and coming trends.

Counts toward 1 AIA/HSW LU Credit.

Objectives are…

  1. Gain awareness of trends and challenges impacting library design and space planning.
  2. Identify furniture, fixtures, and equipment that create flexibility and reduce space used for book storage.
  3. Learn how FF&E can contribute to occupant wellness by integrating lighting solutions and safety features into shelving and storage solutions used in public entities.
  4. Understand how storage solutions can be used in adaptively reused buildings and how they can contribute to LEED certification efforts.

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