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Modernizing Capabilities and Enhancing Readiness

with Storage Solutions for the Military

What’s in the presentation?

Learn about Department of Defense initiatives, and how storage solutions can support modernization and readiness of the military by branch. This course explores how furniture, fixtures, and equipment can maximize space, increase security, enhance occupant wellness, and contribute to DoD initiatives by incorporating functional solutions into military base design. Participants will learn how to leverage contracts as part of an effective acquisition method for their military clients.

This presentation is worth 1 AIA LU/HSW or 1 IDCEC/HSW.

Objectives are…

  • Identify major initiatives outlined by the DoD, and how the AEC community can support modernization and readiness by incorporating storage solutions that provide safety features, promote ease of use, and are compliant with codes to ensure occupant wellness and safety.
  • Define readiness and modernization by military branch and discover how building design and space management can enable safe and efficient environments for personnel.
  • Learn how FF&E can protect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public through integration of mobile storage solutions, lockers, and cabinets into military facilities.
  • Discover two innovative contracts managed by Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support that provide authorized government agencies with streamlined procurement options to expediently allocate funds (MIPR/MILSTRIP). Learn how these effective acquisition methods align with DoD and unit-specific initiatives and allow for an elevated experience for logistics and finance personnel by increasing operational efficiency

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