Weighing the Advantages of High-Density Storage

Explains how utilizing high-density mobile storage systems can save space, time, and money for a wide array of users with its efficient design and versatile functionality. Participants will see real-world examples of how these storage systems can be implemented to help users store materials of all shapes and sizes.

What’s in the presentation?

By understanding the design and decision-making process incorporated with installing high-density mobile storage systems, unnecessary delays and changes can be identified and eliminated earlier within renovations and new construction projects. This presentation is going to go over high-density mobile systems in-depth, showing how these systems have been used to store paper files, sheet music, boxed evidence, museum collections, medical supplies, military gear, and more. Upon completion, you’ll have gained several strategies for accommodating heavy storage system loads, including how best to reorient, redistribute, relocate, reconfigure, and reinforce floor loads. In addition, the course will share real-world examples of post-construction modifications and the role high-density storage plays in safely and securely storing more in less space.

This presentation is worth 1 AIA/IDCEC/HSW LU.

  • Gain an understanding of the high-density mobile storage concept, including how systems contribute to optimized workflows, improved working conditions, and the health, safety, and welfare of occupants.
  • Identify challenges when planning high-density mobile within new construction or renovation projects, and learn proper floor loading planning considerations, such as floor conditions, system orientation, deflection, and impact area footprint.
  • Examine the ways Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment can contribute to occupant wellness and sustainability efforts by reducing building footprint and integrating customization and safety features into mobile systems.
  • Learn how to design high-density mobile storage into facilities to help respond to changing landscapes in a variety of vertical markets, using real-world examples as basis of discussion.
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