Versatility Built In

920 Series: Preservation Cabinet

What’s in this product presentation?

The biggest challenge in planning a collections area is dealing with future uncertainty: How will collections grow over time? Could collecting priorities shift in a few years? Will that long-planned expansion ever get the green light? The Spacesaver 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet helps mitigate uncertainty by allowing for complete flexibility as collections change over time. With a reconfigurable interior and a sturdy, modular frame, the cabinet offers a unique combination of versatility and strength. In this presentation, you’ll learn about its features and configuration options, view case studies, and understand how it complements Spacesaver’s full line of museum storage solutions.

920 cabinet product presentation preview - 920 series features
920 cabinet product presentation preview - cabinet door configurations options
920 cabinet product presentation preview - preserving ever-growing ever-changing collections
920 cabinet product presentation preview - space concerns
  1. Understand the collection storage challenges faced by museum professionals.
  2. Learn how the 920 Series’ features and benefits helps overcome those challenges.
  3. Examine real-world case studies showing how the 920 Series is used in museums.
  4. Determine how the 920 Series complements Spacesaver’s comprehensive collections storage solutions.
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