Temperature Controlled

Heavy-Duty Compact Solutions

Save Energy, Save Money

Within a manufacturing operation, there are situations where a temperature-controlled environment is critical to a process’s success and essential for product safety. Because a full cooler is a more efficient and cost-effective cooler, our solutions can help eliminate every cubic foot of wasted space in your cold storage facility. If you are constructing new or renovating existing cold storage space, Spacesaver understands that adding square footage isn’t the only option to increase the capacity of your useable space.

industrial cold storage mobile storage system
climate control storage design
beer manufacture compact mobile freezer shelving
climate controlled compact mobile system
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Why Spacesaver

Save Space

Mobile racking provides optimum visibility to items, creating an easier way to handle mixed-product pallets and smaller batches.

Reduce Energy Costs

Heavy-duty mobile pallet racking can create a densely packed cooler, lowering costs per pallet and energy costs.

Improve Labor Productivity

100% accessibility to products stored within a compacted space – eliminating long travel times and unnecessary touches.

vertical powered racking freezer storage
cold storage vertical powered racking
industrial racking climate controlled system
Increase Value-Added Activities

Additional space created from mobile racking allows for services such as repack operations, consolidations, customization, and shorter shipping cycles and delivery times.

Improves Control & Compliance

Improved selectivity offered by mobile storage results in better inventory control and regulatory compliance.

Supports Lean Processes

The improved selectivity and accessibility created by mobile pallet racking support lean processes.

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