Temperature-controlled Storage for Cooler/Freezer Applications

Save Energy in Cold Storage

A full cooler is a more efficient cooler, and we can help eliminate every cubic foot of wasted space in your cold storage facility. By compactly storing frozen items on the ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System, you can:

  • Increase your facility’s capacity
  • Maintain 100% selectivity
  • Save on energy costs

The ActivRAC system not only saves on energy costs – it can also save on construction or rental costs. Web Industries found that by using an ActivRAC system they could store the same amount of material in a freezer half the size.

Constructing or renting new cold storage spaces isn’t your only option. A cost-effective alternative is rethinking your cold storage shelving and maximizing that pricey square footage in a whole new way.

Our systems feature carriage and rail systems where the shelving or racking moves side to side and eliminates static aisles—and that means you’re able to use every available inch of your premium freezer and cooler space to store products and goods without having to build or lease a new warehouse.

The system offers these benefits

Saves space.
Mobile racking provides optimum visibility to items, creating an easier way to handle mixed-product pallets and smaller batches.

Reduces energy costs. 
Heavy-duty mobile pallet racking can create a densely packed cooler, lowering costs per pallet and energy costs.

Improves labor productivity.
100% accessibility to products—along with a compacted space—eliminates long travel times and unnecessary touches.

Increases value-added activities.
Additional space created from mobile racking allows for services such as repack operations, consolidations, customization, and shorter shipping cycles and delivery times.

Improves control & compliance.
Improved selectivity offered by mobile storage results in better inventory control and regulatory compliance.

Supports lean processes.
The improved selectivity and accessibility created by mobile pallet racking supports lean processes.

Temperature Criteria

Depending on your needs, we offer different levels of temperature control.

ActivRAC 7M ActivRAC 7MSS ActivRAC 7P ActivRAC 16P ActivRAC 30P
Above 32° F (0° C)
Below 32° F (0° C)
to -20° F (-28.88° C)

Controlled humidity, **No frost or condensation on the system

Featured Projects

Composite Manufacturer

Compact storage can save space in any type of warehouse — even a frozen warehouse that’s kept at 10 degrees below zero. In fact, the world’s largest and most advanced composites formatting facility trusts Spacesaver’s ActivRAC system to store materials. The ActivRAC allowed them to store the same amount of material in half the space they had originally planned, allowing them to save a tremendous amount of money on construction and long-term operating costs.


cold storage pallet racking

Midwest Beer Distributor

SKUs that had doubled over the past three years, and that was great for the portfolio of a Midwest Beer Distributor—but posed a problem for their already tight cooler storage. Retrieving kegs became a frustrating ordeal, with employees having to unload the cooler each morning in order to get to the kegs that needed to be delivered that day. Operations slowed, and as a result, so did deliveries. The distributor needed an immediate solution that wasn’t capital-intensive and wouldn’t require additional employees. An ActivRAC 16P was installed and now holds over 700 kegs—a 100% increase from what static pallet racking was able to hold—without purchasing new warehouse space.

Global Pharmaceutical Company

Mobile racking isn’t just for food and beverage—a global pharmaceutical company was in the midst of expansion, and unfortunately, an expansion of the company didn’t quite translate into an expansion of storage space. Due to very temperature-specific storage needs, chemicals and tests related to particular projects were being stored all over the lab, and the lack of organization was slowing down progress. A moveable cold storage shelving system, paired with an integrated HVAC system, gave them a way to centralize their compounds in one place—and continue to stay competitive in their market.

Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving Unit with HVAC Integration for Pharma Compound Chemical Storage