Maximize Your Keg Storage and Fit 50% More in Less Space

Recover wasted aisle space and maximize your keg storage space. Plus get 100% access to everything you need—without double or triple handling.

With the explosion of SKUs throughout the craft beer and cider industry and the increase in customer demand, the need for more space—and a more efficient way to use current space—is a challenge shared by many distributors. So, what is most effective way to organize the SKUs that take up 80% of your warehouse but don’t move as fast, while the other 20% that generates the most revenue is constantly being loaded and unloaded?

Maximize your cooler space for craft keg storage with mobile shelving. Spacesaver’s mobile shelving accommodates existing storage, and offers these benefits:

  • No need to build or lease additional warehouse space
  • Recover wasted aisle space
  • Create up to 50% more storage
  • 100% selectivity
  • Reduce double- and triple-picking



“The SKUs have basically doubled over the past three years. Craft beer is exploding. I would tell anyone to get ActivRAC to stay competitive.”

-General Manager of Operations, Beer Distributing Company in the Midwest


Learn how we helped a large beverage distributor in the Midwest create a smarter, more efficient space in their Cleveland, Ohio facility—without the need to purchase or lease additional warehouse storage.

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