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At Spacesaver, we take an innovation-driven approach to delivering storage solutions. With a rich history spanning over 50 years, our commitment to continuous innovation has allowed us to leverage our expertise by introducing new products into emerging and expanding markets while we continue to improve upon our existing solutions.

Spacesaver’s journey of innovation has shaped the way organizations optimize their spaces. Mod-Glider Pro™, Flexible Shelving, and Gesture Control™ represent the efficient storage solutions that we strive to produce. With these products, we encourage you to customize your storage like never before.

spacesaver new products
spacesaver gesture controlled high-density mobile shelving system

Gesture Control

Gesture Control™, a first of it's kind mode of operation, was developed to support more efficient and a better experience for controlling Powered High-Density Mobile Systems. Activated and controlled by directional movement, Gesture Control creates an option for touchless operation while also allowing hands-full operation.

spacesaver modular art rack

Modular Art Rack

Revolutionize your art storage with our cutting-edge Mod-Glider Pro™. Designed for maximum efficiency and security, adapting to your collections needs.

spacesaver flexible shelving

Flexible Shelving

Encourage adaptability with our Flexible Shelving units. Fit for libraries, offices, or even warehouses, they offer adjustable shelves, a variety of finishes, and optimized space for your own use.