Stainless Steel Shelving

Climate-controlled Storage With Stainless Steel Shelving Stores Seed Stock

Bayer CropScience opened a 76,000 square-foot greenhouses and research facility as a part of their new Global Research and Development Commitment to Innovation. The greenhouses will serve as a site for cultivating cotton and soybean solutions for the international market. The massive greenhouse is temperature and humidity controlled and designed with sustainability in mind. In order to keep the wide variety of cotton and soybeans efficiently stored throughout the greenhouse, the designers considered alternative stainless steel shelving solutions.

Within the cold rooms of the greenhouse, where temperature and humidity control is especially important, stainless steel shelving systems preserve millions of dollars worth of seed stock. Each movable carriage has wire shelving with trays that hold bags of seeds. The stainless steel ActivRAC 7P uses a floorless rail system that allows for maximum storage space.

Read more about the advantages of stainless steel shelving and download the info sheet here.

Free Download Info Sheet: Stainless Steel ActivRAC