Lateral Art Racks

Our Floor-Mounted Lateral Art Racks provide convenience and flexibility, helping maximize space while protecting hanging art. Designed to fit spaces of all configurations, these versatile systems can be installed on existing floors or planned into new construction. Available with double-sided wire mesh screens that are flush with the frame on both sides, these systems offer unlimited flexibility regarding how artwork is arranged. For maximum density, our wheel sections can be nested and configured for any space and feature roller bearing guide wheel assemblies that provide superior stability. In addition, all wheel sections come equipped with in-rail anti-tip devices – reducing weight balance concerns.

map storage on lateral art racks
lateral art rack at Filson Historical Society
university of calgary lateral art rack
lateral art rack on mobile system
Canton art museum lateral art rack

Features & Benefits

  • “Standard” sections are 5’ tall by 10’ long and can be stacked in 1, 2, or 3 section configurations
  • Wheel sections are available in non-nested or nested configurations – allowing for maximum density
  • Roller guide-bearing wheel assemblies
  • Uses L-Rail, which provides space for hooks and rollers
  • All wheel sections come equipped with in-rail anti-tip

Screen Options & Accessories

Lateral Art Rack are available with woven wire and punched (horizontal diamond, vertical diamond, or rectangular) single-sided screen options. See how it compares to the rest of our Art Rack options in the chart below.

art screen triangle punch - art rack accessory options
Punched Screen Styles

Horizontal diamond, vertical diamond, and rectangular punched screen is available in 1” increments.

Capacity: 10 lbs./SF per side

art screen - woven wire art rack option
Woven Screen Styles

Available in horizontal rectangular, woven screen is available in 6” increments.

Capacity: 5 lbs./SF per side

art rack hanger accessory

Art Hooks - Hooks are designed to securely hold hanging art. Hangers are available unfinished or with a museum-safe coating to prevent scratching.

modular art rack tray accessory

Art Rack Tray - Originally designed to support spear bases, our clients also use them to store spare hangers and other supplies at the point of need. Custom sizes and designs are available.

Spacesaver art rack standard shelf accessory

Art Rack Shelf - Provides additional support for hanging art by reducing stress on wire attachment hardware and other hanging apparatus. The bent lip running along the shelf’s outer edge prevents slippage.

textile roll holder accessory

Textile Roll Holder - Our textile roll holders are available with a non-off-gassing powder-coat paint finish, or they can be coated to protect against scratching and abrasion.

Art Rack Comparison

Need a different style art rack for your specific application? Please see the other options in our comprehensive art storage solution set.

Carriage-Mounted Modular Wall-Mounted Lateral Floor-Supported Overhead-Supported
Welded wire screen X
Triangle punched screen X
Punched screens X X X X X
Woven wire screen X X X X X
Double-sided X X X X X
Single-sided X X X
In-floor rail guidance required X X X
Ceiling guidance required X X
Unistrut required (sourced by distributor) X X
Easily relocated X X
Modes of operation Manual, Mechanical Assist, Powered Manual NA Manual, Mechanical Assist Manual Manual

Note: client is responsible for consulting with architect and/or structural engineer to ensure building’s capability of supporting loads imposed by storage systems.