Cannabis Drying System

Save space, streamline workflows, and preserve plant quality in your cannabis drying rooms.


cannabis indoor farming harvest


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cannabis indoor farming drying system

Raise the Bar

The concept is simple: Hang plants once and they remain in place during harvest, transport, and drying.

Spacesaver’s cannabis drying system helps preserve plant quality by minimizing handling. Fewer touches means fewer crushed or disturbed leaves and buds.

Parts of the GROW Drying System

Integrated components optimize plant quality and streamline post-harvest management.

cannabis harvest drying hanging system

Vertical Posts & T-Bars

  • Adjust on the fly for optimal plant density + ventilation
  • Transfer from Carts to Racks without disturbing plants

cannabis harvest transport carts


  • Move harvested plants to drying room
  • Complete drying process on carts or transfer plants to racks
  • Tray catches fallen plant material

cannabis indoor farming dry racks


  • Adjust on the fly for optimal plant density + ventilation
  • Tray catches fallen plant material

cannabis vertical mobile drying system

Mobile Carriages

  • Eliminate wasted space
  • Install GROW Drying Racks or your existing racking

Boost Your Bottom Line

Streamline Workflows

  • Faster harvest
  • Fewer touches
  • No need for zip ties or wires

Preserve Plant Quality

  • Preserve terpenes and THC
  • System is easy to clean

Save Space

  • More drying space in less footprint
  • Adjust on the fly for optimal density

Good, Better, Best Options

The GROW Drying System can scale to your growing business. Start with the cart or rack, and add components as your operation expands.

cannabis drying solutions

cannabis drying harvesting system rack cart

cannabis indoor farming harvest cart mobile drying system

Download the Details

download grow drying system brochure

Brochure: GROW Drying System

download grow drying system info sheet

Info Sheet: GROW Drying System

download grow drying system tech data

Tech Data: GROW Drying System

download info sheet grow drying system good better best options

Info Sheet: Good, Better, Best Options

download grow drying configuration guide

Info Sheet: Drying System Configuration Guide

download drying closer look guide

Info Sheet: Drying System Closer Look

GROW more with us!

Spacesaver and Hawthorne Gardening Company are teaming up to provide space optimization services and the best products in indoor horticulture. The Spacesaver GROW Mobile System accommodates all Hawthorne products. Learn more about our partnership.

The best cannabis drying system for your grow

Ready to optimize your drying rooms? We’re here to help you design the best system for your unique needs. Your local Spacesaver consultants can visit your facility in person or online, and they can provide insights and drawings free of charge. Let’s get started today!

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