GROW Drying System

Raise the Bar

Save space, streamline workflows, and preserve plant quality in your cannabis drying rooms.

GROW drying system with cart and high-density mobile system

The Concept is Simple

Hang plants once and they remain in place during harvest, transport, and drying. Spacesaver’s Cannabis Drying System helps preserve plant quality by minimizing handling. Fewer touches mean fewer crushed or disturbed leaves and buds.

drying cannabis plants hanging on mobile drying system

Why Spacesaver?

For 50 years, Spacesaver has been designing and manufacturing storage solutions to better organize and enable more efficient use of space. Our steel cabinets and shelves are manufactured in the U.S. to the highest standards and will stand the test of time.

GROW mobile drying system with plants hanging

Parts of the GROW Drying System

Integrated components optimize plant quality and streamline post-harvest management.

Vertical Posts & T-Bars
  • Adjust on-the-fly for optimal plant density and ventilation
  • Transfer from carts to racks without disturbing plants
cannabis drying rack cart

Providing flexibility and adaptability for your operation. Roll carts into the harvest room. To free your hands for cutting and hanging plants, either set a T-bar into the notches on your GROW racking upright or hang the entire vertical post on the beam.

  • Move harvested plants to drying room on mobile or static shelving systems
  • Complete drying process on carts or transfer plants to racks
  • Trays catch fallen plant material

Want to grow as you go?

See how to scale for any size operation.

Taking Yield to the Next Level

Cultivators have a range of important tasks to ensure a high-quality product. From drying your cannabis to trays teeming with greens, our solutions deliver results of the highest level. Reach out to your local Spacesaver expert to help rack up possibilities for your operation.