Rolled Textile Rack

Preservation and protection of textiles requires specialty solutions. That’s why, when customers requested racks that were more versatile, more durable, and easier to use than existing products on the market, Spacesaver developed rolled textile storage to fulfill this need.

Large textiles such as flags, rugs, and quilts present storage challenges because folding these objects for a long time can result in creases that form along the folds. To avoid folding and associated damage, these items can be rolled onto tubes and loaded onto racks for compact storage, preserving both the objects and the space they occupy.

cantilever shelving rack with rolled textile holders

Features & Benefits

rolled textile cantilever rack arm


  • Spacesaver’s sturdy rolled textile racks can be sized to perfectly fit your collection.
  • Racks can be reconfigured on the fly, without special tools.
  • Textile arms are infinitely adjustable horizontally across the horizontal supports.
  • Arms can be placed vertically in 6” increments.
  • Steel textile roll inserts are available in 1″ increments from 18″ up to 120″ long.
  • Textile roll inserts are supported by textile brackets that are adjustable on 1″ increments front to back along the textile arm.
rolled textile rack on mechanical assist high-density system


  • The racks provide exceptional durability and weight capacity.
  • Capacities for the racks can vary based on the racks’ height, the length of the textile arms, and whether the racks are single- or double-sided.
  • Your local Spacesaver distributor can provide detailed information for your specific needs.
Museum with clothing storage and cantilever rolled textile rack

Modular & Flexible

Spacesaver textile racks are modular and provide a variety of installation options:

  • Stationary: mounted to the floor or a wall
  • Installed on a high-density mobile system to conserve floor space
  • Equipped with a rolling caster base for ultimate flexibility

See how these facilities use Spacesaver Rolled Textile Storage

rolled textile flag preservation rack
Rolled Textile Storage in Limited Space

This federal agency needed to store hundreds of state and territory flags of various sizes in the most compact way possible. The collections manager chose to install Spacesaver’s rolled textile racks on high-density mobile shelving.

rolled textile rack on cantilever shelving
Optimizing a Museum’s Floorplan

This county museum in Illinois was moving to a new location and needed to integrate storage for quilts, banners, flags, and other textiles with a variety of other storage equipment. To make the best use of limited space, the design team opted for rolled textile racks that could be mounted on compact mobile storage systems.

rolled textile racks on cantilever shelving
Reconfigurable Textile Storage

Staff at this university’s art gallery had been using a textile roll racking system that was so difficult to adjust that they had to call in the maintenance department when they needed to incorporate new acquisitions into storage. Spacesaver textile racks solved that storage challenge.

rolled banner storage on cantilever rolled textile rack

Get Your Project Rolling

Spacesaver is committed to bringing you the best value, unsurpassed customer service, and solutions that can adapt as your collections grow and change over the decades. Our in-house teams work closely with your local distributor to provide unparalleled customer service over the life of your product. With distributors in major cities across the U.S. and Canada, Spacesaver has knowledgeable museum consultants and factory-certified technicians near you. If you’re ready to increase safety and access in your institution, reach out to our local representatives for a quote on a storage system that perfectly fits your specific space needs.