Game-Changing Storage for Athletics

Tired of hassling laundry? Backpacks piling up in hallways? Health and safety concerns? See how Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers can help!

  • Get Organized
  • Streamline workflows
  • Secure Equipment
  • Boost Team Pride

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Lockers that Last

  • Heavy-duty steel frame withstands frequent use and humid environments
  • Engineered & tested for reliability
  • Made in the USA

Boost Team Spirit

  • Choose from custom sizes, colors, and the ability to add graphic wraps
  • Configurations for any space
  • Sleek, seamless construction

Protect Your Gear

  • Variety of lock options, including touchless RFID locks
  • Modular, reconfigurable, and expandable
  • Streamline workflow and get bags and backpacks off the floor in public areas

Streamline and Secure Your Equipment Exchange
and Personal Storage

Spacesaver has been the gold standard for athletic equipment storage for decades. Now we’ve added a new star to our lineup: Day Use Lockers by Spacesaver.

day use locker in wall pass-through

Laundry and Equipment Exchange


Boost efficiency and cleanliness with lockers that work like a post office box. Athletes can put equipment on one side, and staff can grab it from the other side and vice versa.

  • Combines the speed and efficiency of cubbies with the security of lockers
  • Limits the number of people that need to touch each item
  • Steel is easy to wipe down


If pass-thru lockers don’t work for your facility, choose the more traditional lockers with a closed back. These can be accessed by both the athlete and staff via a locking door. They’re typically placed up against a wall or back-to-back.

download athletic day use locker info sheet

Download a quick overview to learn more about cubby lockers around your athletic facility.

Outside Training Rooms

Keep athletes focused on training. Convenient, secure lockers store backpacks, cell phones, laptops, food, and other personal belongings.

Suites and Press Boxes

These areas are crowded and tend to get cluttered during events. Provide secure lockers for spectators and reporters to store personal items.

Referee and Spectator Storage

Locker rooms aren’t always available to referees, and crowded bleachers and hallways don’t provide secure storage for personal gear. Lockers are ideal for open areas at wrestling, indoor soccer, gymnastics, and other indoor practices and events.

athletic spectator cubby lockers

athletic facility secure cubby lockers

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