Professional Sports

Professional Athletic Equipment Storage

From the equipment room to the front office, every professional sports team requires athletic storage systems that help them stay organized and secure. See how our versatile product lineup supports teams in streamlining their workflows and improving the organization of their training equipment, practice gear, uniforms, and more. Our solutions go beyond athletic equipment rooms, providing compact and secure storage for merchandise, maintenance, confidential files, and team memorabilia.

Sports Equipment Storage

Our expert consultants work with the equipment managers for professional sports teams to design the best athletic equipment solutions on the market today. By utilizing versatile storage options like our High-Density Mobile Storage Systems, teams can streamline processes and keep gear better organized and protected.

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Ice Hockey

Sticks, gloves, sweaters, and so much more; the amount of gear needed to keep a professional hockey team performing and looking its best is substantial. Our experts work with teams of all levels to reconfigure their locker room and equipment storage space to fit all their gear into a smaller space. By delivering a combination of trusted Spacesaver systems including high-density storage, equipment managers can quickly and easily retrieve and replace uniforms and equipment – keeping their players safe and looking nice on the ice.


Managing an equipment room for a professional basketball team can be a tall order, requiring compact storage for uniforms, balls, equipment, and apparel. Your local Spacesaver distributor understands what it takes to keep athletes in the game and fans on their feet, and can design a comprehensive system that incorporates high-density storage solutions that feature your team’s name and logo and are sure to be a slam dunk with players, coaches, and fans!

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For a game that can be decided by mere inches, football gear is notorious for being bulky and difficult to manage. Armed with decades of tackling larger-than-life storage challenges, Spacesaver’s expert consultants help professional football teams store and organize pads, helmets, jerseys, and other equipment. We’ll make sure your team is ready, setting the stage to go. all. the. way!


Before they can be taken out to the ballgame, big league baseball teams need to ensure they have secure storage for their bats, balls, gloves, uniforms, and a variety of other gear for their players. Doubling up on design efficiency and system dependability, Spacesaver can even design “mirrored” systems for your home ballpark and spring training facility, streamlining the process of moving equipment between the two locations. It’s this versatility that makes our systems a real hit with players, coaches, and front-office officials.

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Maintenance, Grounds, & Laundry

Spacesaver understands that those behind the scenes can be the unsung heroes of the athletic arena. That’s why we designed our high-density systems for adaptability, creating the perfect configuration for tool rooms, supply rooms, and laundry areas, along with any other space that has large quantities of items that need to be accessible and organized – saving space and maximizing convenience and efficiency.

Retail Shops

One of the favorite ways fans show loyalty to their favorite teams is to wear the team’s merchandise, which can be purchased during home games at their respective arena. However, as modern sports venues are often home to more than one team, retail shop staff needs to be able to easily pivot its selection from one team to the next.

That’s the case at the United Center – home to the Chicago Bulls basketball team and the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team – which hosts more than 80 games every season, along with concerts and other events.

In the case study linked below, you’ll see how utilizing Spacesaver high-density storage systems helps United Center staff keep merchandise organized, allowing them to quickly store and re-stock different items for different events.

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Front Office

In this example a team’s front-office staff working in an open office environment, demanded a place to stash their gym bags, coats, and rainboots.

professional athletic team archive storage solutions

Team Archives

While some pieces of your team’s history may be worthy of your sport’s respective national hall of fame, others can be just as valuable to your community and fan base and should be preserved as such. Spacesaver’s versatile lineup of 4-Post Shelving, High-Density Mobile Systems, and preservation cabinets can be configured to securely store pieces of all sizes, providing easy access and increased capacity for immortalizing the most precious moments in your team’s history.

Local Teams, Strong Expertise

Spacesaver understands the importance of having the right people on a team and the results that a great team can accomplish. This is why for more than 50 years the Spacesaver team has been building out the best network of local experts that is backed by the strength of our engineering and manufacturing teams based out of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Contact us today to see how we can help you design and develop a storage solution that won’t create a distraction on your way to a championship.