4-Post & Case-Type Shelving

Spacesaver’s reconfigurable, steel 4-Post and Case-Type Shelving solutions aren’t just shelving; they’re entire systems built to boost efficiency, improve security and accountability, and save space. Designed and manufactured in the USA by our team of storage experts, these versatile solutions can be customized to accommodate the fit and function of your space and those who utilize it.

nantucket business maintenance
4-post shelving system holding football facemasks
empty 4-Post helving unit
4-post shelving for police tactical unit

Maximum Versatility

  • Engineered for durability with high-quality welded steel
  • Customizable accessories including doors, drawers, and more
  • Attractive shelving with your choice of colors and finishes
  • Easy to assemble and reconfigure
  • Economical investment in high-quality, high-capacity, USA-made shelving
  • Mountable onto a Spacesaver mobilized storage system
mobile system with Nantucket Drawers and Trays

Mobilize Your Shelves

Check out our full lineup of 4-Post and Case-Type shelving options designed to be mounted on our innovative carriage systems – saving space, maximizing capacity, and safely storing a myriad of materials.

high-quality metal shelving
flexible shelving unit with dark woodgrain end panels

4-Post Flexible Shelving

Spacesaver’s 4-Post Flexible Shelving solution gives users the ability to utilize their limited physical space as they see fit. Available with Exposed Locking or Concealed Caster Bases and a myriad of shelving configurations, this versatile option can be arranged to accommodate your current need and easily adjusted for the next.

Nantucket Drawers & Trays

Utilizing Spacesaver’s 4-Post Shelving, the Nantucket system brings flexibility and versatility to any interior environment. It works seamlessly with all the other accessories in Spacesaver’s 4-Post Shelving line, allowing you to mix, match, add, and rearrange them without special tools as your needs change.


Choose from innovative options including doors, drawers, dividers, weapons racks, and more to enhance security and ensure that everything is stored securely in its place.

nantucket 4-post shelving tray accessory
Nantucket Drawers and Trays
4-post frame mounted doors on spacesaver shelves
Frame-Mounted Doors

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