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Designer Office Lockers

Spacesaver Day Use Lockers reflect a modern approach to the workplace.

August 19th, 2021 - 2 min read

Many offices are renovating due to the increasing popularity of remote work.

Even before the COVID pandemic, the Canadian government recognized that approximately 30% of office desks were empty on any given day, either due to employees’ work-related travel, vacation or sick leave, or preference for working remotely.

To optimize office space and empower in-office employees to choose their preferred work environments, the Canadian federal government has been pivoting away from assigned office desks in favor of “ABW” or Activity-Based Workplace design. The approach encourages in-office employees to choose different work areas throughout the day for learning, collaborating, and socializing. Technology-rich environments facilitate collaboration with remote colleagues.

Employees opening designer office lockers
Photos © Number TEN Architectural Group
  • The office: Sleek and clean
  • Employees’ snowy boots and shoes: Not so much
  • The solution: Custom Spacesaver Day Use Lockers with integrated boot cubbies

Modern Spaces, Age-old Clutter Issues

The planning and design team for a government office in Winnipeg wanted the renovated space to reflect this modern approach to work. They designed “heads down” work areas as well as innovative spaces for meetings and collaboration.

They also took a practical approach to dealing with office clutter. After consulting with employees, they determined that, without assigned desks and offices, staff would need lockers in which to stash personal laptops, gym bags, and other personal belongings. Also, given the cold climate, staff would also need to store jackets and coats, wet shoes on rainy days, and snowy boots in the wintertime.

The designers didn’t want the lockers to be purely utilitarian, though: they wanted them to actually enhance the rest of the office’s sleek design elements.

Recognizing the need for a custom solution, the design team looped in the local Spacesaver consultant to explain their options and draw up plans.

“We were impressed by Spacesaver’s quality, durability, and willingness to work with us on the aesthetics of this project.”

– Holly Handford, Number TEN Architectural Group

The local Spacesaver consultant worked with Spacesaver’s engineering team to design Day Use Lockers that were a perfect fit for the space and the design. The lockers are large enough to accommodate gym bags and heavy coats, but they’re compact enough to ensure that everyone who wants a locker can have one.

  • Wood-look laminate doors coordinate with other design elements throughout the space.
  • Digilock keypad locks eliminate the need for keys or combination locks.
  • Custom cubbies with rubber mats store messy boots and shoes during inclement weather.

Office Lockers Guide

Download our day use locker product guide for all the configurations and options.

woman sitting on a green and gray couch next to Spacesaver Office Lockers
Photos © Number TEN Architectural Group

A Functional and Beautiful Space

The renovated office has a bright and open feel, with modern furnishings and seamless access to technology. The Spacesaver Day Use Lockers help keep the office tidy and clutter-free by offering a convenient way to secure belongings during the work day. The lockers’ integration with sturdy steel bases provides convenient storage for messy boots and shoes, and their high-end look and feel blends in seamlessly with other design elements.

How to Get Designer Lockers for Your Office

As workplaces change to offer more options for in-office and remote employees, Spacesaver is here to help. We can share photos of other projects as well as detailed product information. Contact us to arrange a free consultation with your local Spacesaver consultant, who can meet with you online or in person.

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