Day Use Lockers

Unlock the Potential

As interior environments evolve to meet ever-changing needs, Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers bring a unique blend of quality, flexibility, and aesthetics to locations in your facility where secure storage is needed. Manufactured with 100% recyclable steel that contains approximately 89% recycled material, our Day Use Lockers optimize form and function, providing secure storage for personal items inside a customizable and reconfigurable design. Modular sizes and a variety of finishes and locking options ensure a perfect fit for any space, and lockers can be moved or reconfigured as your needs change.

day use locker knockout
day use lockers in open office
Unlock Quality
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Engineered and tested for durability and reliability
  • Made in the USA
  • Five-year warranty*
employee lockers in office transition space
Unlock  Style
  • Custom sizes, colors, and configurations
  • Full overlay steel and laminate door options
  • Euro-style concealed high-quality hinges
  • Sleek, seamless construction
day use locker wall
Unlock Convenience
  • Easy-to-use, clean, and maintain
  • Lock and technology options for any need
  • Modular, reconfigurable, and expandable
  • Integrates with complete storage solutions

* Five-year warranty on lockers; locks are warrantied by their respective manufacturers.

Unlock Your Space

Modular Configurations
space day use locker rendering
Locker Wall

Turn unused wall space into productive storage. Mix and match finishes and door sizes to create a custom look.

day use locker office personal storage
Locker Partition

Lockers embedded in free-standing walls serve as room dividers while also storing personal belongings.

day use locker island
Locker Island

Islands provide a counter-height work surface and/or seating as well as storage.

day use locker lock options
day use locker modern office storage

Flexible Workplace Design

With an increasing demand for flexible and aesthetically pleasing work environments, organizations need customizable, modular options to create space for social distancing and looping in remote colleagues. No matter how you plan to arrange and rearrange your lockers, a variety of design options helps reflect your firm’s branding and commitment to quality.

Modular lockers provided flexibility for this advertising firm.

spa and fitness center lockers

A Seamless Experience at Spas and Fitness Centers

As spas and fitness centers seek to serve more members and provide additional services, choose from modular sizes to increase your capacity to serve more guests in the same footprint, or to decrease the size of your locker room to free up space for workshops, retail, or other uses. A variety of finishes and locking options help integrate locker rooms with the rest of the facility to ensure a seamless experience.

athletic day use locker wall

Game-Changing Storage for Athletics

Save time and keep your focus on top performance with Spacesaver’s tough, steel Day Use Lockers. These lockers look great while protecting valuable gear and equipment and helping athletes and guests keep their belongings secure.

Steel vs All-Laminate Solutions

Durability Steel Laminate
Can be moved X
Can be reconfigured X
Add units in the future X Sometimes
Resistant to swelling, delamination, and high temperatures X
Aesthetics Steel Laminate
Custom options X X
Sleek, seamless look X X
Resists chipping and scratching X
Sustainability Steel Laminate
Made of recycled material X Sometimes
100% recyclable X
Non-off-gassing X