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Designing Museum Collections Storage Areas

You have Options: Good, Better, & Best

May 18th, 2021 - less than a minute read

Museum cabinets provide excellent protection for collections, but not all objects require the sealed interior environment that cabinets provide. How do you choose the best collections storage solutions to optimize space, protect collections, and stay within your budget?

Good, Better, Best Comparison

Download the complete overview of our top three storage solutions for 3-D artifacts and natural history specimens.

Spacesaver makes it easy to extend your range of options. Choose from open trays, drawers, shelving, and other accessories, then enclose them with doors to provide security and dust protection. Choose cabinets for the ultimate in collections care.

4-post Shelving with Nantucket Drawers and/or Trays

This value-engineered alternative to museum cabinets maximizes vertical space and keeps collections organized. Install museum-quality drawers and trays in 4-Post Shelving, and fill the remaining space with shelving, hanging garments, and more.

See how this museum uses the Nantucket system to keep collections organized.

spacesaver shelving with trays

Add Frame-Mounted Doors to Nantucket System

Add doors to the Nantucket system to provide some protection from dust and pests. Optional locks help prevent unauthorized access to stored items, and see-through doors promote visible collections storage.

spacesaver steel shelving cabinet

Spacesaver’s 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet

To establish and maintain optimal preservation conditions, choose the 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet. The 920 Series is the gold standard for collections protection, with a sturdy welded frame and a fully sealed interior that maintains a more consistent preservation environment and protects against dust and pests.

Learn about the museum cabinets in this university’s study center.

spacesaver preservation museum cabinet

No matter which option you choose, your nearby Spacesaver distributorship will provide expert space planning assistance, installation, and service long after the sale.

11 Tips for Collections Storage Design

As museums grow and change to reflect changes in their communities, museum professionals need smarter ways to preserve collections, promote better access, and plan for the future. Get insights from architects, space planners, and museum professionals to help plan your project.

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