Experience the Latest in Storage at AAM 2022

Experience the Latest in Storage at AAM 2022

Trusted storage products, one of them NEW;
AAM ‘22, they’re coming to you.

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Who doesn’t love a sneak peek? The in-person reveal of Spacesaver’s New Modular Art Rack is happening at Booth 1031 at AAM, you don’t have to miss out on the excitement if you won’t be there.

Be the first to get the full details on our Modular Art Rack system release!

Spacesaver’s New Modular Art Rack system combines smooth operation with versatile storage capacity. Its pullout screen loading is transferred directly to the floor, allowing for easy and uninterrupted operation, while our two-screen offering, welded wire or punched triangle pattern, offers secured storage for many forms of visual art. These features combine to provide increased mobility and access for staff, visibility for visitors, and preservation of pieces within your collection.

Mix and match our standard sizes to fit your space and collection.


42″ | 54″ | 66″ | 78″ | 90″ | 102″


78″ | 84″ | 90″ | 96″ | 102″ | 108″ | 114″ | 120″ | 126″ | 132″


48″-68″ by 2″ increments | 72″-128″ by 4″ increments | 134″-146″ by 6″ increments

new art rack details

Experience Accessibility

  • Screens fully extend, allowing for quick and easy access to hanging art and other collections on both sides
  • Installation requires minimal floor anchoring, making it a great solution for all spaces, whether leased or owned

new art rack details

Experience Versatility

  • Designed to fit most any space and store most any hanging and art collections
  • Allows for system reconfiguration as your needs change over time

new art rack details

Experience Security

  • Hooks and hanging accessories stay in position while you gently handle your artwork and navigate frame mounting hardware
  • Built-in foot brake to keep screens stationary when not in use or in place when extended

new art rack details

Experience Visibility

  • Make a greater percentage of stored works visible
  • Improve access and engagement
  • Increase viewership and attendance

new art rack details

Experience Durability

  • Spacesaver’s screens are cycle-tested 25,000 times to ensure you get the highest quality performance from your investment for years to come
  • High-capacity, non-marking nylon casters support loads of up to 800 pounds each and provide excellent resistance to wear and abrasion

Along with the new modular art rack system, Spacesaver will be bringing the following products for you to see and test out at AAM 2022.

Versatile 920 Series Cabinets

Spacesaver’s versitile 920 Series Cabinets allow you to optimize today’s space and adjust for growth, promoting efficiency through your collections area-now and in the future.

museum preservation cabinet

museum nantucket shelving trays

Nantucket drawers and trays on 4-post

The Nantucket System of drawers and trays provides a durable, flexible, and cost-effective alternative for storing collections that doesn’t require a sealed interior environment.

Experience Innovative Art Storage

Ready to experience art storage with ease? Reach out to our experts to learn how incorporating Spacesaver’s versatile museum product lineup can make your storage worries glide away.

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