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A Miraculous Musical Vision

Spacesaver understands some things must be seen to believe.

March 27th, 2024 - less than a minute read

Spacesaver understands some things must be seen to believe. This is why we prioritize visibility when designing our industry-leading museum cabinets. Going a step further we engineer and manufacture our systems to last – allowing generations of patrons to view these artifacts in the pristine condition they were intended to be seen.

This unwavering dedication to the conservation and care of historic artifacts from all walks of life, is what drove The Church Studio to choose Spacesaver as the storage provider for its newly renovated, exclusively accessed storage space for all things music. The Archive, the aptly chosen moniker for the room, was created to give a select group of visitors an intimate look at the exclusive collections provided by the building’s owner and the community at large.

No Errors In This Clerical Work

This case study, focused on The Church Studio, is a testament to what can be done when you bring together two groups and their passion for preservation.

Curating A Complete Catalog

Knowing they wanted to provide the best experience for their esteemed visitors, the owners and staff at The Church Studio sought out a proven storage provider whose solutions that could provide unparalleled preservation for their collections and support for their purpose. This led them to choose Spacesaver’s 424 Series Flat File Cabinets and 920 Series: Preservation Cabinets.

Museum Cabinet Storage Guide

Check out the innovative 424 Series Flat File Cabinet, 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet, and more in our Museum Cabinets Storage Guide.

music museum flat file storage cabinet

Producing A Top-Down View

Featuring lockable glass tops throughout the system to increase visibility but limit the potential for theft or damage from overhandling, the flat file cabinets allow staff to provide patrons a complete picture of the artist or genre being displayed. Additionally, these versatile systems are outfitted with casters, giving staff the ability to move them into the best orientation for the space layout.

music museum flat file storage cabinet

A Record-Settling Release

As artifacts from the music industry can range in size and structure, The Church Studio needed a storage solution that could provide the perfect blend of versatility and visibility. Our preservation cabinet was designed to be configured to meet a wide range of storage needs, from gold albums to gold jumpsuits, ticket stubs to posters from clubs, and more.

We Know Artist Management

While valuable, a clear line of sight is only one component of a well-designed preservation storage solution. Spacesaver’s museum cabinets provide uncompromised protection for the items held within, ease of access for those charged with the care of said items, and versatility to adapt to needs created when today’s emerging trends become tomorrow’s history. Let our nationwide team of experts help your collections strike a chord with your patrons.

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