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Preserving Heritage with the Care it Deserves

See how Spacesaver's storage solutions have optimized storage and safeguarded Michigan’s history for generations to come.
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A Journey through Michigan’s History

Preserving the history of an entire state comes with great responsibility. In the case of the state of Michigan, this role is carried out by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Previously accomplished within the walls of the Michigan History Museum, they found that the museum was quickly running out of available space on-site for the artifacts they had accrued over centuries of collecting. Knowing they needed to look outside of the Museum’s limited footprint to properly store their growing collections, they secured an off-site facility and the help of their local Spacesaver representative to ensure current and future artifacts would be secure for generations to come.

Centuries Worth of Artifacts

As it stood, the off-site facility was a space filled with pallet racks for a wide array of historical treasures. The museum wanted a shift toward a more organized and space-efficient storage method to maximize the facility's square footage and the display potential of these historic items. An innovative storage solution, Spacesaver's High-Density Mobile Shelving Systems were selected to transform the warehouse's storage setup. Offering the prospect of smaller compartments within the mobile systems to securely house and display the state's diverse array of artifacts, the mobile storage systems’ capabilities aligned perfectly with the museum vision.

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"We estimate we'll be able to store 4-6 times as much stuff in this square footage with the compactable storage than we had been using before."

- Heather Locke, Curator of Collections

Archival Operations with High-Density Mobile Storage

Our High-Density Mobile Systems, featuring 4-Post shelving, were customized to accommodate archival boxes with garment hangers, aligning with the State of Michigan's non-proprietary specification requirements for the bidding process. This attention to detail and ability to meet specifications set Spacesaver apart from competitors, ultimately leading the museum to choose Spacesaver's solutions for the project.

Spacesaver's High-Density Mobile Systems integrated seamlessly to provide the adaptability and efficiency needed to safeguard Michigan's heritage, ensuring that these valuable artifacts are preserved and accessible for generations to come.

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