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An Innovative Solution You Can Hang Your Art On

Spacesaver’s Mod-Glider Pro™ brings next-level storage to art institutions.

July 1st, 2022 - 3 min read
In a market where an average of only 3% of collections are on display at a time, curators are always looking for a solution to maximize their visual storage capability.

After more than a year of product testing and development, Spacesaver has delivered that solution in its Mod-Glider Pro™, the newest addition to its art rack portfolio.

Borne from insight gathered from industry professionals, the Mod-Glider Pro was designed with the end user in mind and focuses on the following product innovations:

mod glider pro overhead glide system

Ease of Movement

Mod-Glider Pro’s lubricant-free slide design keeps art collections safe from contamination and allows for ease of screen extension, requiring minimal force to operate. Unloaded pullout art screens require no more than 15 lbs. pull force to start and continue screen-extension motion. Its floor guide rails require minimal floor anchoring to minimize intrusion and are positioned on either side of the screen to ensure smooth operation and alignment upon extension.

Visibility Improvement

One of the highest priorities in art storage is making a greater percentage of stored works accessible to staff and visible to patrons, achieved by periodically rotating collections on and off display. Spacesaver’s new, sleek punched triangle screen offers premium aesthetics and is perfect for front-of-house exhibitions and displays. Mod-Glider Pro is designed to fit most any space and store a myriad of hanging art and collections, while allowing for system growth and reconfiguration as collections change over time.

Mod glider pro art rack hanging accessory with frames and multiple busts on shelf

Ease of Accessorizing

Purpose-built accessories give you the flexibility to easily hang and display a wide array of collections of varying shapes and sizes. Designed specifically with end-user requirements in mind to seamlessly integrate with Spacesaver’s two new screen options – Welded Wire and Punched Triangle. Hooks and hanging accessories stay in position while you gently handle your artwork and navigate frame mounting hardware.

Spacesaver art rack standard hook accessory

Spacesaver’s Standard Hook offers adjustment on screen-pattern increments for both screen types. Rated to support weights of up to 165 lbs. each, hooks are made from heavy-duty steel and come standard in a zinc-plated finish.

Spacesaver art rack premium hook accessory

For collections that require exact hook placement, Spacesaver’s Premium Hook offers finite adjustments left to right, and up and down. Rated to support weights of up to 165 lbs. each, these hooks are made from heavy-duty steel and come standard in a zinc-plated finish.

Spacesaver art rack frame spanning hook accessory

Spacesaver’s Frame-Spanning Hook allows curators to use nearly every square inch of pullout art screen for storage or display. Rated to support weights of up to 165 lbs./frame-spanning hook assembly, these hooks are made from heavy-duty steel and come standard in a zinc-plated finish. To produce the highest aesthetic value, the spanning bracket will be powder-coat painted to match the color of the system selected.

Spacesaver art rack standard shelf accessory

Offering universal mounting holes and slots to secure and display a variety of 3D collections, Spacesaver’s Universal Shelf helps support heavier framed artwork when used in combination with hooks. Rated to support weights of up to 50 lbs./assembly for welded wire screens, and 100 lbs./assembly for punched triangle screens, the shelves can be powder-coat painted to match the color of the system.

Spacesaver art rack textile roll accessory

Spacesaver’s Rolled Textile roll is supported on each end by (2) textile mounting brackets with pins to secure it in place. Textile rolls are available in nominal lengths from 22” to 126” in increments of 8” and each textile roll is rated to withstand 50 lbs./assembly for welded wire screens, and 100 lbs./assembly for punched triangle screens, when under evenly distributed loads.

Spacesaver art rack brackets accessory

Spacesaver’s Universal Mounting Brackets provide a basic screen attachment platform for custom storage solutions that support specific collections. Individual universal mounting brackets can be placed between shelves to improve strength and weight capacity and are rated to support weights of up to 25 lbs./bracket for welded wire screens, and 50 lbs./bracket for punched triangle screens.

What Industry Professionals Are Saying

At the 2022 AAM Annual Meeting & Museum Expo in Boston, we had the opportunity to showcase the new Mod-Glider Pro. Conservators, collections managers, curators, and private collectors loved the aesthetics and the breadth of accessories, as well as the ability to store more than just 2D art for both large and small institutions.

Most we spoke with were impressed by our new hook designs and how easily they can be installed and removed from screens, as well has how securely they remained affixed to the screens. Attendees were welcomed to test our new purpose-built standard hook versus a standard S-hook, and repeatedly demonstrated how our new purpose-built hooks held secure while the other fell off the screen. Many really liked the premium hook and its precise adjustment (left-to-right and up and down).

Download the product info sheet

for the detail on the new Mod-Glider Pro.

Supported by local storage experts and 50 years of sustainable manufacturing practices, Spacesaver’s Modular Art Racks are the product of industry input and ingenuity. Our team is committed to bringing the best value, unsurpassed customer service, and lasting preservation to your collections.

Contact us to connect with your local Spacesaver consultant for a no-obligation space assessment to learn how you and your collections can Experience Spacesaver’s Modular Art Storage.

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