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Electroshock Weapon and Cartridge Storage

A Public Safety Storage Checklist

May 4th, 2017 - less than a minute read

Most police and sheriff’s departments have a protocol regarding how personnel should store their Tasers or other electroshock weapons while off-duty (typically in a locker room), but many agencies have no specific guideline or solution for storing spare electrical control devices and extra cartridges.

The Solution in Action

There are 2 ways electroshock weapons and cartridges can be stored to keep them secure and damage-free.

Plastic Bins on Mobile Shelving

This solution, implemented at Aurora, CO PD, is an easy and secure way to integrate electroshock weapons storage into the overall gear storage solution without buying highly-specialized equipment. Colored bins on shelves keep cartridges and ECDs organized for easy access and visual inspection.

taser storage and taser cartridge storage on shelves and drawers

By placing the shelves onto a high-density mobile system, the shelves slide together and lock when not in use. Items are accessed using a PIN pad on the end panels for maximum security. Besides tasers, this system can also be used to store SWAT gear, uniforms, badges, and other spare equipment.

taser stored on weapon racks

Electroshock Weapon Brackets in a Weapons Rack or on Shelving

Originally designed for the US Marine Corps, the Universal Weapons Rack offers taser and other electroshock weapon brackets that can be attached to the steel back panel of the cabinet. The brackets are vinyl-dipped to ensure the finish of the ECD is unharmed. Shelves and bins within the cabinet can then be used to store cartridges.

This is a great option if you have multiple types of firearms you’d like to store in one location or would like the flexibility to rearrange or repurpose the cabinet in the future.

The universal back panel can also be used with a standard 4-post shelf with electroshock weapon brackets attached to the back panel. In this way, a standard shelf or a mobile system can be outfitted with the same accessories as a weapons rack cabinet.

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