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Room For Eliminating Interpretation

Spacesaver provides strong evidence for air-tight effects.

June 7th, 2023 - 3 min read

“Defending truth is not something one does out of a sense of duty or to allay guilt complexes, but is a reward in itself.” This quote from Simone de Beauvior – a French writer who worked tirelessly to ensure that all people be treated as equals and that laws, customs, and education were altered to reflect this idea – is a fitting representation of the value of proper evidence storage. From the tools, systems, and processes featured within evidence rooms to the individuals who utilize them, the collective goal is to preserve and protect the truth each piece of evidence holds until it is called upon.

The experts at Spacesaver’s headquarters in Fort Atkinson, WI, and its network of local consultants throughout the country know that even the smallest discrepancy can have a huge impact on the result of an investigation. Because of this, we take the time to ensure that your evidence room and its supporting solutions are designed, manufactured, and maintained to the exact specifications necessary for the items entrusted in your care.

preserving evidence shelving systems

In our previous evidence series blogs, we covered the evolution of evidence and how intake and temporary storage solutions play a vital role in the legal process. In this edition, we will focus on the systems that technicians rely on to help maintain the chain of custody and integrity of processed evidence and property recovered from crime scenes.

Prepared for All Possibilities

As we learned in the last installment, evidence can come in many shapes, sizes, and forms that require a variety of storage solutions with specific functionality. While many of these solutions work for these items in the short-term, new evidence continues to arrive, forcing technicians to employ systems that can provide longer-term preservation. Let’s take a look at a few the solutions Spacesaver offers for evidence rooms and how they play a pivotal role in processing justice.

Getting Your Stories Straight

Your department puts a great deal of effort into the creation and administration of processes that focus on the flawless handling of evidence. That said, our experts are dedicated to providing systems designed and manufactured in the USA to meet, if not exceed, these standards no matter what floor your evidence room may be located on or how it is arranged.

Starting with a no-cost, on-site assessment of your current space and future needs, our local consultants can create a storage configuration that maximizes your available space and operational efficiency. From there, our certified installers will set up your systems to exact specifications required and support them throughout their useful life.

Creating a Room with a View

There are two sides to every story. A phrase that certainly rings true in the case of Spacesaver’s Pass-Thru Evidence Lockers. On one side, you have an officer or public safety official looking to enter evidence they’ve secured for processing into an assigned locker. On the other side, a trained and certified evidence technician ready to receive, process, and store these items until they are ready for use.

One key difference between the two participants is that the technician’s full-size rear door allows them access to efficiently remove all stored items and quickly reset the locker openings for continued use. With this resolute and secured access, this individual can apply all the time and care necessary to ensure each item is as protected as it is accessible.

evidence room pass-through locker
high-density temporary evidence storage system

Amplifying Your Audit Process

The flow of items into an evidence room tends to be neither constant nor consistent. Depending on the events of the day and court docket, technicians may see an influx or outflow of pieces and need to be able to address and account for each specific event.

Spacesaver’s High-Density Mobile Systems help evidence storage technicians maximize capacity, increase access, and preserve the integrity of highly sensitive stored materials. Utilizing specialized shelving, drawers, and lockers, technicians are able to secure evidence of all forms in less space, saving space for future items. One additional benefit of the systems is their ability to expedite the audit process by offering a clear and accessible path to desired pieces.

Keeping Supplies Close at Hand

While much of the attention is put on the pieces associated with cases in process, in order to effectively categorize materials, evidence managers must maintain an adequate supply of boxes, tape, and other packaging supplies that are crucial to maintaining the chain of custody.

In order to ensure that the departments never run out of these often overlooked but always needed supplies, Spacesaver offers a range of static and mobile storage systems ranging from 4-Post and Case-Type Shelving, Flexible Shelving units to FrameWRX® bin storage, each designed to promote accountability and access for these vital supporting items.

evidence processing supply storage

Confirming Litigation

Spacesaver has been helping departments save space, improve security, and preserve justice for almost 50 years. Contact us to learn more about our evidence lockers and other secure storage solutions, and to get a quote from your local Spacesaver consultant.

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