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How to Store Handcuffs

For Police Departments & Jails

August 3rd, 2017 - less than a minute read

Handcuffs are so standard at law enforcement agencies that they’re easily overlooked when it comes to storage. Although they’re typically issued to each officer, there are still spare handcuffs around that need to be stored and secured – after all, though they’re small, they’re often expensive and always needed.

Handcuffs on Mobile Storage

The easiest way to keep your clients’ spare handcuffs organized and in one spot is to keep them in a locked drawer, but if they’re already planning a high density system or are really looking to step up their security, you can incorporate the drawer units into a high density mobile storage system.

At Aurora PD, tasers and handcuffs are kept in a system like the one described above. The locked drawers are alongside inventory of other issued gear and the aisles of the storage system slide together to keep items secure and make the most of the space. Aisles can only be accessed with a PIN code, providing an extra layer of security for the gear inside.

handcuff storage mobile shelving

Handcuff Storage at Aurora, Illinois PD.

To learn more about how high density mobile storage works, download our Basics of High Density Mobile brochure.

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