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Spacesaver Awarded Cooperative Purchasing Contract

Sourcewell offers a more efficient way for organizations to save time and money.

March 26th, 2024 - less than a minute read

Sourcewell is a cooperative contract for state and local agencies, K-12 schools, universities and colleges, nonprofits, and tribal government to purchase from awarded vendors. Spacesaver Corporation proudly partners with Sourcewell – a government agency serving the United States and Canada – to offer Sourcewell members a competitive bid contract.

sourcewell contract
Value of being a Sourcewell Member:
  • No cost, obligation, or liability to be a member
  • The formal contracting process is satisfied on your behalf - proven process eliminates low-bid, low-quality results
  • Sourcewell maintains all procurement documentation for you in a complete procurement on its website
  • Sourcewell is a government entity committed to helping its members succeed in fulfilling its own public service missions
  • The opportunity to purchase the best products, equipment, and services through nationally solicited contacts

A Cooperative Contract

Sourcewell works for both buyers (members) and vendors. Spacesaver is the innovator in storage solutions from high-density mobile to proven secure storage solutions for every market, each designed to streamline operations and increase productivity.

“This contract award makes it even easier for customers to do business with us,” said Mark Haubenschild, Spacesaver’s president and CEO. “Sourcewell provides a quick and legal way to fulfill the bid process and benefit from competitive pricing.”

Sourcewell Contract Details

Get the info sheet that has all the value of being a Sourcewell Member and all the contract information.

Securing Support for Years to Come

Following review, Sourcewell awarded an extension on Spacesaver’s cooperative purchasing contract, which supports a variety of storage systems including high-density mobile and metal shelving, lockers, storage solutions for evidence and weapons, museum collections storage, and modular storage products.

This contract extension was confirmed early in 2024 and will remain through December 29, 2027, serving all Sourcewell participating agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

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