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Clean and Convenient: Touchless Lockers

Promoting Health and Safety in Workplace Design

August 17th, 2020 - less than a minute read

It’s an uncertain time for many workplaces. Offices are adapting their floor plans to meet the latest health guidelines, and cleanliness and social distancing are top of mind. Fortunately, Spacesaver’s clean and convenient Day Use Lockers meet workplace needs during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

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Battery-powered locks with advanced technology make it easy to eliminate high-touch surfaces.

  • RFID-enabled locks pop open with a badge swipe or wristband swipe.
  • Close lockers with your elbow or shoulder.
workplace day use lockers smart technology


Need to reconfigure your workplace now or in the future? No problem! Durable steel frames can be moved, mixed, and matched as your needs change. Create space for social distancing or simply update the look of your office.

workplace day use lockers smart technology

Easy to Clean

Available with your choice of steel, high-pressure laminate, or custom wood doors, Day Use Lockers are sleek and easy to clean. Steel frames and doors can also be treated with an antimicrobial coating for even more protection.

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Space Efficient

Lockers save space in any office or workplace. They can be:

  • Tucked under workstations
  • Built into blank walls
  • Configured as “islands” to do double duty as seating or counter-height work surfaces
  • Configured as free-standing walls to carve out spaces for small group work

These are designer-quality lockers with a full range of aesthetic options. We offer full overlay doors and optional surrounds in powder-coated steel, HPL, or wood, with wood being a custom order. We can also create custom colors and graphics to ensure that your lockers reinforce your brand and corporate culture.

As for frame sizes, we offer standard and custom sizes in a variety of configurations for a perfect fit. Download our brochure to get the details.

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