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It takes an extensive number of items to properly maximize the guest experience and host a diverse range of events. From towels and linens to uniforms and banquet supplies, those in the hospitality industry require a large amount of storage to support their visitors. Storing these supplies is no easy task, and when space becomes constrained, this task becomes nearly impossible without utilizing efficient solutions like the high-density systems offered by Spacesaver.

More Time for Guests

It is no secret that when items are easily accessible, employees can spend less time searching and more time fulfilling requests and interacting with guests. Not to mention, when items are properly and securely stored, staff can quickly and easily access items without having to move or reorganize other pieces – allowing minimized damage from overhandling and increased safety.

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More Space for Supplying Satisfaction

As a resort or hotel looks to diversify the activities it offers to increase guest satisfaction, there is often an increase in the supplies needed. Whether building new space or remodeling existing space, converting from traditional static shelving to a Spacesaver High-Density Mobile System allows users to store the same amount of items in half the footprint.

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Storage Where You Need It

In addition to accommodating items that are both large in size and quantity, there is a strong need for providing secure, temporary storage for personal items. Guests need to know their belongings are kept safe no matter where they are on the property and at the point of need. By utilizing Day Use Lockers, operators can provide a sense of security for their visitors and allow them to enjoy every minute of their on-site experience.

Back of House ActivRAC®

At Tulalip Resort Casino, located about an hour north of Seattle, gaming isn’t their only specialty. Offering over 60,000 square feet of banquet space along with 370 guest rooms, finding space to store the supplies required to keep the facility running was becoming a problem – one that Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® could handle with ease.

“So many properties forego storage space for guest features up front. But the heart of the house impacts our guests just as much as new carpets or sofas in the lobby.”

– Sam Askew, General Manager, Tulalip Resort Casino

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More Support for Success

Projects like the Tulalip Resort Casino can take a large amount of planning and expertise. Spacesaver utilizes a nationwide network of local experts that take the time to understand your goals, assess your space and needs, and deliver the best results for your operation. Backed by more than 50 years of extensive design, engineering, and manufacturing experience, our experts can help ensure our systems support your business now and into the future.