Mishawaka, Indiana

Delivering Order for the Law

Learn how Spacesaver used their comprehensive law enforcement product lineup to help bring a department and community together.
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Old Station On The Block

Operating out of a 1990’s building whose useful life as a police station (and many other functions) was well passed, the city of Mishawaka, Indiana was at a crossroads when considering the future residence of its police force. On one hand, they could invest several million dollars into revamping its current facility; while on the other, they could seek out a more fitting home for their officers and operations.

Whichever option they pursued, there were several departments requiring an update. Their records system consisted of a mix of inefficient, static filing cabinets containing decades of records; their evidence bay was characterized by plastic tubs on stationary shelving; and their locker rooms were a poor reflection of the level of safety and security these brave individuals swore to provide for the community.

mishawaka custom personal storage locker configuration

Liberty Brings Justice For All

After considering their options, the city turned their attention to a 92,000 SF building in the center of the city. Formerly occupied by Liberty Mutual, this newly vacant space was the perfect location – on a main thoroughfare – but was far too much space to justify housing only the Police Department. However, after marketing the space to national tenants who could potentially utilize it to the fullest, city administrators devised a plan to keep its inhabitants local.

Seeing an opportunity to update multiple out-of-date buildings at one time and boost the vitality of the city, they chose to purchase the building to combine city services including City Hall, Utilities Business Office, and Police Department – all under the same roof. Now, with its new home selected and secured, city and police administrators began the search for a partner to help outfit the facility.

mishawaka police station locker room design

Solving The Case of Underutilized Space

After doing their due diligence – which included viewing and reading about completed projects in the region – to fully understand the parameters of the new space and the future needs of the department, police officials brought in their local Spacesaver expert for support. Their goal was to outfit the space in a manner that would create a welcoming environment for officers, staff, and the community to interact. Department by department, solution by solution, our expert worked with officers and staff to deliver the highest and best use for their new space.

Look At These Lockers

The most resounding example of this transformation can be found in the facility’s locker rooms. Once a collection of beaten and discolored, one-size-fits-all receptacles, the department’s new Spacesaver FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers are a work of art. Designed to accommodate the specific requirements of each officer’s personal and professional storage demands, these lockers facilitate a secure space for individuals to make a smooth transition between civilian and civil servant.

The Proof Is In The Putting

A place for everything, everything in its place. The origin of this quote may not be clear, but its significance as it applies to evidence storage is as clear as crystal. Even the smallest discrepancy in the processing or handling of a piece of evidence can prove catastrophic for the success of a prosecutor when trying a case. Our storage expert fully understood this fact and the needs of the department, and delivered a wide array of solutions including High-Density Mobile Shelving Systems, Pass-Thru and Non-Pass-Thru Lockers, and Refrigerated Evidence Lockers, to name a few.

mishawaka police station weapon storage design
"The armory storage solutions are a huge step up from our previous armory, which was self-made shelving and storage bins (for long guns). The current armory allows for long guns to be stored upright and easily searchable/accessible. The room is equipped with adequate shelving for ammunition cases to be stored."

- Chief Arendt

public safety evidence storage cage shelving design

A Ready & Inventoried Armory

No truer words can be spoken than those of the individuals who experienced a transformation firsthand. Mishawaka PD Chief Arendt had this to say when referencing the noticeable difference between the department’s previous armory room and their newly outfitted Spacesaver weapons storage solutions.

public safety evidence storage cage shelving design

Keeping A Clean Record of Events

While other departments could digitally scan their records with little to no need for the originals, the Police Department has to keep their records for an indeterminate amount of time due to the nature of their cases and the fact that the number of pieces requiring secure physical storage solutions will never decrease. That’s why they chose Spacesaver high-density shelving systems, which move on rails to eliminate wasted aisles and optimize storage space.

mishawaka weapon evidence racking

Installing Confidence In Your Community

With more than 50 years in business, Spacesaver’s law enforcement experts understand the vital importance of secure and effective public safety storage. Our in-house engineers and project managers team up with our network of local distributorships to serve hundreds of agencies, large and small. Let our team help plan your next project, install Spacesaver products, and provide ongoing service for any facility.