Personal Storage Locker

Freestyle® Personal Storage Locker

Whether you are heading to the field, the classroom, or to protect the community, a transition point is needed to make final preparations for the day. A top priority should be having the peace of mind that whatever you leave behind will be safe and secure. Spacesaver understands this need and has designed a locker that offers security, durability, and valuable personal space to help teams stay ready and focused for the day ahead.

spacesaver freestyle double door lockers
custom personal storage lockers in gym
Our USA-made storage lockers are manufactured to ensure they exceed your expectations for years to come by incorporating:
  • Fully Welded Construction
  • Double-Wall Doors
  • Air Extraction Capabilities
  • Electrical Integration
  • Full Reconfigurability On-Site
spacesaver freestyle lockers
Interior Locker Accessories

freestyle optional locker configurations and accessories
1 EZ Rail For PSL (Level)
2 6” Internal Drawers
3 File Divider Kit (for Modular Shelf)
4 12” Modular Shelf
5 Boot Tray
6 Double-Hook Kit
7 24” Modular Shelf
8 Full-Width Shelves (Standard capacity)
9 Full-Width Shelves (Heavy-duty capacity
10 9” Internal Drawer
11 Hanger-Bar Assembly Kit
12 Lock Box Conversion Kit (for Modular Shelf)
13 6” Modular Shelves
14 Hook Bracket Hanger Assembly Kit
15 (Inside) Body Armor Drying Rack
high school locker room personal storage lockers

Customizable for Your Use

Athletic Lockers

From student-athletes to professional athletes, there can’t be any distractions when the time comes for your players to head onto the field. This is where Spacesaver’s high-quality lockers come into play. Designed to protect their athletic gear when it is not in use, as well as secure their personal belongings during practice or on game day, our versatile lockers allow athletes to keep their heads in the game and not on the security of their gear.

spacesaver freestyle public safety lockers

Public Safety Lockers

When transitioning between civilian life and the duties of a public servant, having a reliable outlet to differentiate and manage the stress on both fronts is crucial for a smoother transition.

Military Lockers

Serving all branches of the military, Spacesaver supports organization and readiness with a variety of lockers.

national guard lockers for open training room
National Guard Lockers
air force pilot lockers for helmet and g suite storage
Flight Lockers
3 tier gear bag lockers

Duty Bag Lockers

Designed for larger or less frequently used items, Spacesaver’s line of Gear Lockers creates the space and security to remain ready to respond at a moment's notice.