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In the Beginning

The beautiful thing about music is that it transcends all physicality in that all it requires is a dedicated performer, a willing recipient, and a method of distribution. And, while many musicians have made a fine career and living out on the road, there’s no place like home.

The Church Studio, a historic landmark nationally and in the Tulsa music scene, originated as an episcopal church in 1915 and was converted to a music studio in 1972 by famed Tulsa-area performer – Leon Russell. Once a vibrant space for artists of all disciplines to perform and record their music, time had not been kind to the building, leaving it as a rundown shell of its former status. Knowing this, Teresa Knox, a Tulsa-area philanthropist and avid fan and collector of all things music – especially Russell’s – purchased the building to bring it back to its former glory. The goal was to ensure that any and all participants living in and visiting the area had a space to enjoy music of the past and create music for the future.

A Revival for the Records

Learn how Spacesaver helped this historic building tune up its collections storage.

Creating Perfect Harmony

After attaining the building, Knox began searching for the right partner to create an environment capable of securing priceless music collections, all while allowing intimate access for those who come to visit. Her search led to Spacesaver’s local representative at Southwest Solutions Group – with whom she found a consultant with a similar love for music and passion for preserving valued artifacts.

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"I liked the fact that they (Spacesaver) had an Oklahoma presence. (Their consultant) really learned a lot about our project, and he loves music and truly understood the significance of our building. He would come and see us at a regular basis and was there throughout the whole process to help with any changes along the way."

- Teresa Knox, Tulsa-area Philanthropist & Collector of All Things Music

Knox stated that reputation was a key factor in choosing Spacesaver to transform the space from its neglected state to one of the highest quality showrooms in the industry. She reached out to local curators with whom our team had worked, as well as examined larger scale, accredited projects – giving her the confidence that not only would we be able to display the impact of her existing collections but have the capacity to carry the storage harmony in the space for years to come.

A Noteworthy Composition

Once the stage was set for renovation, our consultant went to work crafting the best possible arrangement for the wide array of artifacts Knox and other collectors had to share. First and foremost, the goal of creating the space – affectionately known as The Archive – was to allow permitted individuals to walk through the anthology of each artist on display, giving them a deeper understanding and appreciation of the artists’ work. To create the right mix of accessibility, adaptability, and preservation, our consultant utilized two versatile museum cabinets.

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The 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet, allows for customization of the storage accessories held within to support items from instruments to costumes and everything in between. Additionally, these units are equipped with visual doors that offer secure storage to all that’s inside without damage from overhandling or other agents of deterioration.

music collection preservation cabinet display

Our 424 Series Flat File are ideal for storing flat pieces including records, posters, and other pieces of memorabilia. To increase access, visibility, and adaptability, The Church Studio’s cabinets are equipped with glass tops and casters – allowing curators to protect and present collections and situate the space in a manner that supports the day’s need.