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Incorporating Law Firm Storage into Minimalist Design

Spacesaver high-density storage systems seamlessly integrate into this modern law firm space.
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In 2010, an international law firm underwent a total building renovation in order to create a more contemporary work environment for their growing practice. They also wanted to build to LEED® Silver standards, making the interior space more sustainable.

The existing layout of the 1980’s building was disjointed and functioned almost like separate buildings within a larger structure, so achieving all of the firm’s goals was even more challenging for the architectural firm and associated contractors.

While modernizing the look of this law firm’s space was crucial, the need to maintain the day-to-day functions of a legal practice was equally important. Space needed to be allocated for records, documents and a legal library, all within a sleek, minimalist design where even the footprints allotted for lawyers’ offices were being reduced in order to maximize growth potential.

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Spacesaver’s design consultants can work with your architect and planning team to ensure that your storage solutions integrate with your interior design.

high-density mobile book shelves in a law firm hallway
The law firm’s storage needed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Storage Solutions as Design Elements

The firm was a long-term client of a local authorized Spacesaver representative in Washington D.C., and was familiar with the high-density mobile concept from many years of use in their facilities. They worked with SpacesaverInforlinx to install several systems throughout the new space including Litigation, Records, and the Library, in order to maximize storage capacity and conserve space for other functions like meetings spaces, open areas and even a full service café.

Not only did the high-density shelving need to function as a space-saving storage solution, but it needed to integrate into the overall aesthetic of the space. One of the strategies for accomplishing this was to use brightly colored 3Form (an acrylic material) and rare, rapidly renewable wood end panels on the mobile systems throughout. These features really accented the interior design, and helped to blend the storage systems with the rest of the interior.

The library is one of the main attractions in the building, and a high-density mobile system is installed here, in what they refer to as the “Boulevard,” the main access aisle through the entire space for both clients and staff.

compact shelving storage system in the hall of a law firm
The recycled steel in Spacesaver products helped achieve LEED certification.

The installation of this showcase system was atypical due to the terrazzo floor. A custom metal ramp was designed and then leveled with concrete to align with the terrazzo, making the system flush with the remainder of the floor. Though difficult, SpacesaverInfolinx stepped up to this installation challenge to assist the firm in meeting their design goals.

This law office is truly a modern environment that blends form and function through highly efficient design.

compact file storage system at a law firm