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Office Lockers for Sleek Security

Protecting intellectual property at a technology firm.
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Securing Belongings in an Open Office

This high-profile technology consulting firm is as agile as the clients it serves. When a new client signs on with the firm, a specialized team is created to serve the client’s needs. As these teams grow and change over time, the company expands offices and opens up new workplaces in North America and around the globe.

Because the firm’s clients want to ensure that their intellectual property is secure, employees are not allowed to take their phones or other personal electronic devices into work areas. That means employees need secure, reliable office lockers to store their phones and other personal belongings while they’re working.

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Open locker in a office locker wall with combination locks
Personal electronics cannot be brought into work areas.

Peace of Mind

In years past, the firm had purchased lower quality personal lockers to store employees’ belongings, but the initial cost savings were soon erased by the expense of frequent repairs and replacements. After years of maintenance headaches, the firm decided to upgrade to steel Spacesaver lockers with over-frame doors.

The new steel office lockers are attractive and trouble-free, and they help create spaces where employees can store their personal electronics with confidence. The lockers are secured with an integrated combination lock and they’re “shared use,” meaning that anyone can claim and use an available locker. A master combination allows authorized personnel to access any locker, and the locks don’t require batteries, which eliminates the environmental and labor costs associated with replacing thousands of batteries every few years.

High-end office lockers for personal storage in a modern-looking office
Employees can focus on their work, knowing their belongings are secure.

Optimizing Space

The firm’s offices are designed around the “hoteling” or “hot-desking” concept, featuring common areas that include a mix of collaboration spaces, phone booths, and desks. Most employees don’t have permanently assigned offices or cubicles; instead they choose the work environment that best suits their needs at a particular time.

This arrangement is a win-win for employees and the company’s bottom line: employees get to choose where they want to work throughout the day, and the firm saves on real estate costs by eliminating space-wasting personal offices.

office locker wall with combination locks
office locker wall with combination locks

Dramatic Design

This particular office needed hundreds of lockers, which meant the banks of lockers on each floor became a design element in their own right. The designers saw the Spacesaver office lockers’ sleek, clean look as an opportunity to bring color and personality into potentially uninspiring spaces.

The Spacesaver consultant worked with the design firm to specify sizes and colors that were a perfect fit. A single contrasting stripe set into banks of dark-colored lockers helps unify spaces throughout the building while also drawing the eye toward scenic views and featured artwork.

"The lockers presented an opportunity to create a stunning impression."

- Spacesaver Consultant

Wall of steel combination day use lockers in an office

Lockers pictured here:

  • 74” tall columns with 5 tiers
  • Steel over-frame doors
  • Integrated combination locks (no batteries required)
  • Standard colors: blue-grey and white
  • 4” recessed base

Reinforcing Culture

In a dynamic consultancy, teams change from project to project and from year to year, so the firm’s offices need to be flexible while also maintaining a cohesive look and feel. This presents perhaps the biggest design challenge of all: establishing and maintaining company culture among ever-changing teams.

That’s why the firm has invested in professional interior design and quality furnishings and fixtures. A strong commitment to quality and innovation is apparent from the first moment a new employee steps into the building.

Connect With the Experts

We understand that innovative workplaces boost employee engagement and productivity. That’s why we work with architects, designers, and our clients to design office lockers that are as attractive as they are practical.

As you begin designing a new or renovated office, contact us to request a free space assessment and learn more about your options.