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We’re committed to providing the right tools, resources and information to the Architect and Designer communities — below is our complete listing of education sessions available for CEUs.


ceu request for k12 design

Counts toward 1 AIA/IDCEC/HSW LU Credit.
The environments and methodologies shaping the minds of young learners look vastly different today than they did even 5 years ago. No longer reporting to an assigned desk arranged neatly in a row, students now have opportunities to collaborate and learn all around the classroom and beyond. Due to the changing trends in pedagogy, flexibility is needed throughout the K-12 campus to keep students at the center and enable their success. This presentation will explore how designing spaces that are flexible and adaptable can facilitate positive learning outcomes and support the health and well-being of the entire school community. Participants will see real-world examples of how storage has assisted in creating transformative learning spaces. In addition, attendees will learn how utilizing High-Density Mobile Shelving and other storage solutions can help support LEED® certification and sustainability efforts.

request public safety CEU

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Wednesday, October 19 at 2PM CST

Counts toward 1 AIA/IDCEC/HSW LU Credit.
Program Description: We all have a right to feel safe in our everyday lives, and for the most part have been afforded this right due to the efforts of those in the public safety sector. This presentation explores how utilizing proper storage solutions can support these individuals in protecting and serving their community. Participants will examine current trends and challenges within the public safety environment and explore real-world examples of facilities that have incorporated solutions designed to create workflows, improve processes, boost productivity, and increase officer morale, In addition, we’ll underline all the major planning requirements to consider such as floor loading, ventilation, lighting, and LEED® certification.

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Wednesday, October 19 at 2PM CST

Counts toward 1 AIA/IDCEC/HSW LU Credit.
Program Description: Libraries have responded to the changing needs of the communities they serve, and are seeking to create more flexible, open, and technology rich spaces. Architects and designers are required to design for flexibility and openness within existing and limited spaces. In this course, architects and designers will learn how to combat these challenges by using furniture, fixtures, and equipment that are able to reduce the amount of space being used for book storage and increase the availability of space with flexible FF&E. Through the proper design and use of mobile FF&E, designers will be able to design libraries that respond to up and coming trends.

request healthcare facilities AIA CEU

Counts toward 1 AIA/IDCEC/HSW LU Credit.
Space in healthcare centers is expensive to design, build, and occupy, and every cubic foot that’s used for storage is space that could be used for patient care. This presentation counters the misconception that storage space is “wasted” because it doesn’t visibly impact patient care and directly generate revenue. In fact, convenient and thoughtfully designed storage for supplies and equipment can actually improve productivity, patient care, and profitability. Participants will examine challenges within the healthcare environment that affect workflows and the health, safety, and welfare of occupants; learn how FF&E can contribute to occupant wellness and LEED certification; and view real-world case studies.

aia presentation request for off-site storage solutions

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Tuesday, May 17 at 12:30PM CST

Counts toward 1 AIA/HSW LU Credit
Although the world is becoming more digital every day, analog materials like books, museum artifacts, and police evidence are still central to many institutions’ missions. This presentation explores strategies for safely and efficiently storing and providing access to these valuable materials in off-site facilities. Participants will learn about trends driving the move to off-site storage, the storage requirements of analog materials, and the process of designing off-site facilities. We’ll also cover real-world cases involving a university, a police department, a museum, and a public library.

CEU request military

Counts toward 1 AIA/IDCEC/HSW LU Credit.
Learn about Department of Defense initiatives, and how storage solutions can support modernization and readiness of the military by branch. This course explores how furniture, fixtures, and equipment can maximize space, increase security, enhance occupant wellness, and contribute to DoD initiatives by incorporating functional solutions into military base design. Participants will learn how to leverage contracts as part of an effective acquisition method for their military clients.

request the integration storage across campus ceu

Counts toward 1 AIA/IDCEC/HSW LU Credit.
Program Description: Planning spaces for higher education environments is about much more than lecture halls and dorms – A campus is a place of learning and working, socializing and relationship-building, wellness and discovery. This presentation will walk you through how to design facilities that not only help recruit & retain students and faculty, but also manage risk, improve efficiencies and safety, and help create flexible, future-proof spaces. This presentation will also outline trends and challenges that are impacting campus facility design and demonstrates how thoughtful storage solutions can help create highly functional interior spaces and directly influence the campus’ ability to achieve its mission.

CEU Request - Workplace Design

Counts toward 1 AIA/IDCEC/HSW LU Credit.
Program Description: Learn how to design for space constraints in a variety of workplaces from the office, to educational institutions, to museums and beyond.  This course explores furniture, fixtures, and equipment that contribute to maximizing space through design.  This course will provide participants with FF&E solutions that maximize space, are aesthetically pleasing, and contribute to occupant wellness.  Participants will learn how functional solutions can be incorporated into a workplace’s design and provide for occupants needs.

CEU Request - Museum

Counts toward 1 AIA/HSW LU credit
Program Description: The purpose of this presentation is to help architects design museum collections storage areas that are safe, efficient, and engaging. The first part of the presentation will discuss museum workspace and workflow issues and how they are impacted by FF&E. The second portion will discuss structural and risk management issues unique to collections storage areas. The session will also include a brief discussion of the challenges and opportunities presented by making collections storage and work areas visible to the public.

Floor Loading 101

AIA CES Approved

Counts toward 1 AIA LU|HSW Credit
Program Description: Speed up the building design and decision-making process by avoiding unnecessary delays and changes with an ability to identify the new construction building types most suitable for high-density storage. Moreover, several strategies exist to accommodate heavy storage system loads. These include the ability to reorient, redistribute, relocate, reconfigure and reinforce. This program contains an illustrated case study as well as several examples of post-construction modifications and supplements for high-density storage.

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