Small Parts

The smallest parts can have a massive impact on the functionality of the systems they belong to. From vehicle and equipment service and repair to maintenance department supply rooms, having access to and accountability of the wide array of parts needed to keep your manufacturing facility running can save a tremendous amount of time and money.

small parts industrial bin shelving system

Maintenance Parts Storage

When an integral piece of machinery is down or not running properly, maintenance staff needs to know the parts required to remedy the situation are where they need to be, when they need to be. By storing these specialized pieces in secure and organized FrameWRX® bins, technicians have access to the tools and parts required to get their facility’s machines up and running as soon as possible. These versatile solutions allow you to optimize your parts storage, offering an easier and more effective method to track and maintain proper inventory.
manufacturing small parts shelving solutions

Vehicle & Equipment Parts Storage

Manufacturing operations utilize a wide range of vehicles – from lift trucks to 18-wheelers – to best serve their clients. Because of this, staff members must ensure these vehicles remain in tip-top shape by keeping a myriad of replacement parts and tools on hand and at the ready. Spacesaver’s versatile 4-Post Shelving allows facilities to store parts of all shapes and sizes all in the same location.
custom manufacturing parts supply storage

Connect with Our Manufacturing Storage Experts 

When you’re ready to boost efficiency and accessibility within your manufacturing facility, contact us to get connected with your local Spacesaver consultant. For over 50 years, we’ve been designing, engineering, and manufacturing innovative, USA-made storage solutions, and we’d like to work with you, too!