Local History

Preserve & Protect Community Collections

Educational institutions of all levels account for national history in their curriculum. While it is incredibly important to provide this level of insight on the notable events of a nation, it’s equally as valuable to preserve, protect, and present evidence of the artifacts that shaped the foundation of your local community.

Local Pieces with Global Significance

A community’s historic treasures can include maps, architectural plans, newspapers, tools, awards, memorabilia, and many other artifacts that uniquely define and outline the development of its growth. Spacesaver understands that the systems in which these items are preserved and displayed should be just as unique as the items themselves. Our storage solutions are designed and manufactured to deliver a customized solution that offers the exact size, capacity, and functionality that your community’s collections require.

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Housing the Write Stuff

Storing physical items in a digital age presents an ever-increasing issue for curators. While there is a demand for converting printed materials to a more accessible and consumable format for patrons, some materials are best experienced in their original format.

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Spacesaver’s high-density mobile shelving systems offer an effective method for local museums to store more published works in less space. Able to be outfitted with a wide array of shelving and configurations, these versatile solutions can offer improved ease of use for staff and increased visibility and access for patrons.

AIA Presentation - Museum Collection Storage Space Planning

Museum Collections Space Planning

Get the expert insight into designing safe, efficient, and engaging collection storage spaces.
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Playing A Part in Preserving Arts & Sciences

Art is a strong indicator of the culture of a specific area as well as the gradual progression of its residents and their perspective on current events. To help museums and their staff present the largest sample of local art and artifacts to visitors, curators can utilize Spacesaver’s lineup of art racks for hanging art and versatile preservation cabinets for other handmade works or archival storage for photographs.

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Furthering evidence of the versatility of our preservation cabinets is their capability to house inventions, insects, and animals of all shapes and sizes. Whether your community is the hometown of a great scientific mind or a unique species of being, Spacesaver cabinets can provide the ideal way to preserve and display the pride of your population.

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Solutions that Shape All Sizes

Supported by more than 50 years of providing high-quality, USA-made storage solutions and backed by a national network of local storage consultants and certified installers, communities and populations of all sizes can be confident they will receive the level of care they and their historical artifacts deserve. Contact your local expert to learn more about how Spacesaver museum storage solutions can help preserve, protect, and display your community’s natural history.