Natural History Museums

Preserve & Protect History

Natural history museums house current and historical evidence of the plants, animals, individuals, and conditions of a specific time period. By preserving these items under optimal conditions, curators can provide a glimpse into the past for today’s patrons and preserve the present for generations to come.

Small Items with Big Significance

Historical artifacts come in all shapes and sizes from dinosaurs to daisies. Our lineup of fully customizable museum cabinets is ideal for storing your collection’s smaller plants, animals, minerals, and more in a secure location that is both accessible for staff and visible for patrons.

From botanical collections to entomology specimens, our museum cabinets deliver a unique combination of strength and versatility that ensures your collections storage needs are met, if not exceeded. Let our network of experienced local consultants help you curate the ideal mix of solutions to showcase your museum’s vast collections.

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Storing Bigger Better

Validating the phrase “you have to see it to believe it,” our large item storage solutions provide a look back on items and creatures of the past that are equally as large in stature as they are in importance. By utilizing Spacesaver RaptorRAC® Widespan shelving and High-Density Mobile Shelving solutions, curators can safely display a greater amount of substantial pieces for all to see.

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Why Spacesaver 

For 50 years, Spacesaver has been designing and manufacturing storage solutions that enable a more efficient use of space. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards in the U.S. and are designed to stand the test of time. We understand that your storage needs are as unique as your situation and can’t be solved with a one-size-fits-all approach. As such, our network of storage professionals delivers: 

  • Quality & Durability
    Tens of thousands of Spacesaver systems have been in continual use for decades. 
  • Customization
    Spacesaver has a team of engineers and storage experts to ensure that your solution is optimized for your space, saving you time and money throughout the process.  
  • Complete Solutions
    Our shelving and storage solutions are designed with the highest standards of preservation and protection as our guide.
  • Local Expertise & Experience
    With distributors in major cities throughout North America, we offer personalized space planning assistance by knowledgeable consultants and long-term service by factory-certified technicians. Contact us for a site assessment.