Federal Military Museum Archive Storage Solved

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A new, premier federal military museum, with state-of-the-art simulators and theater, provides an extraordinary educational experience for all who visit. The museum manages more than 5,000 war and military exhibit items, dating back to the 1940’s, that are either used to adorn the 27,000 square feet of exhibit area or are kept safely in archive storage.

When the new building was designed, the exhibit manager and the museum director wanted to allow enough space in archive storage for decades of growth. By using Spacesaver mechanical assist mobile storage systems and art racks, museum officials were able to maximize exhibit space and still allow ample room for growth in the archive storage area.

Five mobile systems are used for framed art storage, military objects and garments storage, weapons storage and books storage.

“We were planning for the future when we designed the new building,” explained Mary Dennings, collections manager. “We wanted the artifacts to be safely stored today and 20 years down the road.”

“We knew of other museums that have used Spacesaver systems and we liked what they had done,” she said. “They provide us with the expansion space we need for the future and the much needed flexibility to move things around.”