Artifact Storage

Naval Undersea Museum artifact storage on mobile shelving

Like any other museum, the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, Washington has a large archival storage department. However, most museums don’t have to worry about where to store 6,000 lb. torpedoes along with the rest of their artifacts. Dedicated to preserving over two centuries of U.S. Naval history, the archival storage warehouse includes torpedoes, undersea and diving equipment as well as art. In order to preserve and protect the various artifacts stored in the facility, the collections manager had to research for alternative storage solutions.

For general archive storage a mechanical assist high-density mobile system was used to accommodate for both films and books. Art storage was improved with art racks that were installed to hour various 2D hanging art. The stuff storage, for artifacts like torpedoes and other antique objects, needed an ActivRAC 16P mobile storage system. By using an ActivRAC mobile racking system, the museum was able to move from storing 66 torpedoes to 110, with a larger and much safer access aisle.

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