Secure Healthcare Lockers

A student health center uses healthcare lockers to improve patient comfort and convenience.

Emphasizing health and wellness on campus

The college experience is full of fun and personal growth for many students, but it can also be a time of stress, uncertainty, and even illness. The demand for student health services on campuses has been increasing in recent years, not only due to common ailments and injuries but also because of an increased awareness of mental health issues and the fact that more students with disabilities and chronic medical conditions are pursuing higher education.

These trends are driving many campuses to place a stronger emphasis on health, wellness, and preventive care. Expanded programming and services are part of the solution, and campuses are also renovating, relocating, or constructing new student health centers to help ensure that students are aware of health resources and can conveniently access them.

Students perform better academically when their physical and mental health needs are met.

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Meeting students where they are

That’s why this university relocated a variety of health services to the heart of campus. By moving a wellness center, a counseling clinic, and an urgent care clinic to the multi-story student union in a central location, campus leaders hoped to increase student awareness of health resources and improve utilization.

Because the new location was convenient to nearby classroom buildings, students could schedule appointments between classes. Clinic staff knew that students would appreciate the convenient location, but they also realized it could lead to a serious increase in their lost and found inventory. To avoid the hassle and wasted time involved when belongings are left in examination rooms, they wanted a secure place for students to put their textbooks, backpacks, and other belongings during appointments. They wanted students to feel comfortable during their sessions, without having to worry about forgetting their belongings or wondering if they were secure.

A new approach to patient storage

As clinic staff thought through their wish list for the new lockers, they knew that durability was key. They didn’t want to have to make frequent maintenance calls or deal with unsightly dings, dents, and scratches. In addition to being durable, the lockers needed to be secure, accessible, and conveniently located, and they would also need to integrate with the new clinic’s interior design.

healthcare personal storage locker

Clinic staff wanted high-quality lockers to reflect the institution’s prestige.

The local Spacesaver consultant had worked on other projects around campus, so he was able to work effectively with the project’s furniture dealer to design and order Spacesaver Day Use Lockers that were a perfect fit for the available space.

The lockers are located in a corridor that leads to examination rooms, and the locks are programmed for shared use. That means a student can select an empty locker on the way to their appointment, deposit their belongings, and enter a code to keep their items secure. At the conclusion of their appointment, they can enter the code to open the locker, retrieve their belongings, and leave it empty for the next user.

Peace of mind

The new lockers help students feel more at ease during their appointments, because they know their belongings are secure and they don’t have to worry about leaving something behind at the clinic. The lockers’ high quality and durability also reflect the university’s prestige and its enduring commitment to health and wellness.

“They didn’t want lots of dings, chips, and maintenance issues. They wanted the durability of steel doors.”

-Spacesaver Consultant

Connect with the experts

We know that carefully designed environments promote patient wellness and boost employee engagement. That’s why we work with architects, designers, and our clients to design personal storage solutions that are as attractive as they are practical.

As you begin designing a new or renovated health care setting, contact us to request a free space assessment and learn more about your options.

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