Modular Art Racks

Experience Next-Level Storage In Your Space

Driven by space constraints – especially for hanging pieces – on average, only 3% of museum collections are on display at a time. This fact has curators everywhere looking for a storage solution that can deliver increased storage capacity, visibility for its patrons, and ease of use for their staff.

mod-glider pro art rack

Spacesaver’s Mod-Glider Pro™ modular art rack system combines smooth operation with versatile storage capacity. Its pull-out screen loading is transferred directly to the floor, allowing for uninterrupted operation. This innovative vertical hanging art storage solution can be configured as a standalone structure or as multiple systems, each containing double-sided pull-out art screens and floor guidance rails.

  • Screens fully extend
  • Purpose-built accessories
  • Built-in foot brake
  • Lubricant-free slide

Screen Types

welded wire art screen
Welded Wire Screen

Spacesaver’s welded wire screens offer a simple and elegant solution for hanging collections storage and display. Commonly used for behind-the-scenes collections storage, this economic solution provides a 2” x 2” square pattern for secure mounting of your collections. Effective for storing and displaying most hanging collections, the screens are engineered to support up to 5 lbs./SF for each side of a pull-out art screen. All pull-out art screens are double-sided to support collections storage and display from both sides.

punched triangle art screen
Punched Triangle Screen

Spacesaver’s sleek punched triangle screen offers premium aesthetics, perfect for front-of-house display and making a greater volume of works visible. This innovative pattern provides hanging accessory connection at a flat edge and a point for maximum hanging flexibility. Use Spacesaver’s purpose-built accessories for secure collections mounting, or simple S-hooks that sit within the triangle pattern points. An added advantage – these screens are engineered to support heavier artwork and collections with ease.

modular art rack at Wright State

Facilitating Fit & Function

Mod-Glider Pro™’s pull-out art screens utilize an overhead slide mechanism to extend beyond the system footprint to their full length. This allows users to securely store artwork within the system until the time comes to pull out the necessary screen(s) for display. Depending on system size, the number of sections, and spacing (see chart below) multiple systems can be placed adjacent to one another in an infinite linear run by adjoining “adder” systems to an initial “starter” system.

modglider pro descriptive photo showing system components

Quality and Durability

To ensure lasting value for both curators and patrons, the Mod-Glider Pro™ is made in the USA of high-quality steel and has been cycle- equivalent to extending and closing the pullout screens twice per day for over 20 years. Its extension system is free of lubricants, eliminating the risk of soiling collections from above, while its overhead dust panel provides additional protection from debris generated above the system.

Individual Pull-Out Art Screen Contents (Qty.)
Nominal System Depth Sections Screens Wheels Full-Extension Overhead Slide Aluminum Handle at ADA Height Foot Brake
48”-60” 1 2 2 1 1 1
62”-124” 2 4 3 1 1 1
128”-146” 3 6 4 1 1 1

*all pull-out art screens come standard with double-sided screens for hanging from both sides

Purpose-Built Hanging Accessories

For behind-the-scenes storage or front-of-house display of hanging collections, the Mod-Glider Pro system offers a variety of hanging accessories designed to safely handle and secure artwork of all shapes and sizes.

standard hook art rack accessory
Standard Hook

Spacesaver’s Standard Hook offers adjustment on screen-pattern increments for both screen types. Rated to support weights of up to 165 lbs. each, hooks are made from heavy-duty steel and come standard in a zinc-plated finish.

premium art rack hook accessory
Premium Hook

For collections that require exact hook placement, Spacesaver’s Premium Hook offers finite adjustments left to right, and up and down. Rated to support weights of up to 165 lbs. each, these hooks are made from heavy-duty steel and come standard in a zinc-plated finish.

frame spanning art rack accessory
Frame-Spanning Hook

Spacesaver's Frame-Spanning Hook allows curators to use the entire pull-out art screen for storage or display. Rated up to 165 lbs./assembly, heavy-duty steel hooks come in a standard zinc-plated finish, while the spanning bracket is powder coat painted to match the system's color.

art rack universal shelve accessory
Universal Shelf

Offering universal mounting holes and slots to secure and display a variety of 3D collections, Spacesaver’s Universal Shelf helps support heavier framed artwork when used in combination with hooks. Rated to support weights of up to 50 lbs./assembly for welded wire screens, and 100 lbs./assembly for punched triangle screens, the shelves can be powder coat painted to match the color of the system.

art rack textile roll
Rolled Textile Roll

Spacesaver’s Rolled Textile Roll is supported on each end by (2) textile mounting brackets with pins to secure it in place. Textile rolls are available in nominal lengths from 22” to 126” in increments of 8” and each textile roll is rated to withstand 50 lbs./assembly for welded wire screens, and 100 lbs./assembly for punched triangle screens, when under evenly distributed loads.

brackets for art racks
Universal Mounting Brackets

Spacesaver’s Universal Mounting Brackets provide a basic screen attachment platform for custom storage solutions that support specific collections. Individual universal mounting brackets can be placed between shelves to improve strength and weight capacity and are rated to support weights of up to 25 lbs./bracket for welded wire screens, and 50 lbs./bracket for punched triangle screens.