Vertical GROW Mobile System

The ActivRAC® 3M Mobilized Storage System was designed to fill indoor agriculture growers’ need for robust movable vertical racking systems. Its low-profile carriage moves along rails installed on top of or recessed into the floor, eliminating wasted aisle space and providing increased access to every plant.

mechanical assist vertical GROW system
GROW mobile system with Crosswalk

Robust Yet Flexible

ActivRAC’s sturdy, cross-braced carriages are manufactured to accommodate new or existing light-duty racking or shelving, including Spacesaver’s Widespan GROW Racking. Our systems are designed for flexibility with the ability to expand, and configurability by utilizing a myriad of Spacesaver accessories, including GROW Crosswalk.

closeup of GROW mobile system handle

Standard GROW Mobile Features

  • 3,000 lbs. capacity per carriage/wheel section
  • System can extend up to 60’ in length
  • Ergonomic handle moves thousands of pounds with minimal effort
  • Designed to work with new or existing racking or shelving
  • User-activated, anti-roll safety lock prevents unexpected carriage movement
  • Diagonal carriage bracing maintains precision over years of frequent use

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high-density rail styles drawings

Rail Options

Movable cannabis vertical racking systems slide on rails that are surface-mounted or installed in the floor. Rails are available with or without an anti-tip feature and/or corrosion resistance.

Set Up For Success

mechanical assist handle on GROW mobile system
Mechanical Assist Operation

Three-spoked handle features safety locks and rotating hand knobs for ease of use.

low profile carriage system closeup of the rail
Low-Profile Carriage

Take full advantage of vertical space with a mounting surface just 4” off the floor.

GROW mobile system with fake plants
Versatile Platform

Accommodates new or existing pallet racking and shelving, including Widespan GROW.

Powder coat white sample paint chip
Powder-Coat Paint

Available in highly reflective, antimicrobial GROW White or many other paint colors in Spacesaver’s shelving product line.

steel grow system insert trays
Steel GROW Inserts

Promotes air flow and prevents mildew buildup and accommodates all shelving sizes.

universal mounting bracket for electronic system controls
Universal Mounting Bracket

Mount controls for lighting, irrigation, and other systems on durable brackets.

pantograph for GROW mobile system

Designed to eliminate draping electrical wires from carriage to carriage. Available in two different sizes depending on aisle width.

plumbing bracket for GROW mobile system
Plumbing Bracket

Provides cultivators a standard hanging option for irrigation or other accessories.

GROW Crosswalk accessories multiple views
Optional Accessories

GROW Crosswalk

Provides users with a raised working station that includes:

  1. Temporary raised walking planks within the length of the aisle
  2. Cross supports connecting uprights and reinforcing planks
  3. Front and rear safety barriers
  4. Access ladder(s)
  5. Grab handles
empty GROW mobile high-density system

Delivering Trusted Results

  • Quality & Durability
    Tens of thousands of Spacesaver systems have been in continual use for decades.
  • Local Expertise & Experience
    With distributors in major cities throughout North America, we offer personalized space-planning assistance by knowledgeable consultants and long-term service by factory-certified technicians.
  • Safety
    Our anti-tip rail technology, welded uprights, and safety locks help create the safest and most ergonomic indoor grow rooms.
  • Customized For You
    Every commercial cannabis grow room design is different, so we design and manufacture your GROW systems based on your needs.
  • Complete Solutions
    Integrate your new or existing lighting, ventilation, and other systems.

Request a full system video walkthrough with one of our storage experts

Spacesaver GROW System Difference

No matter what your indoor growing operation’s end product may be, Spacesaver’s GROW Vertical Racking can help you produce it more efficiently – boosting your yield and your bottom line. From drying your cannabis to trays teeming with greens, our solutions deliver results of the highest level. Reach out to your local Spacesaver expert for a quote on how utilizing our systems in your space can help to rack up possibilities for your operation.