Botany Cabinets

What do ferns, lycopods, bryophytes, flowering plants, and all sorts of other herbaria have in common? They require the best protection and preservation methods for ongoing research and teaching within the botany field. Spacesaver understands collections vary and has designed a number of museum specimen cabinets to offer best-in-class protection.

botany cabinet with specimen boxes

Explore Botany Storage Solutions by Spacesaver

Our line of botany cabinets preserves botanical specimens and protects them from infestation. The full height models feature a reference shelf for convenient viewing of specimens, and all models are uniquely designed with extra space in the front and back of the compartments to allow free circulation of air and fumigants. As with all our museum cabinets, closed-cell gasket seals and our three-point latching system help ensure protection from dust and other contaminants, and a non-off-gassing powder-coat paint finish provides durability and a clean appearance.

botany 240 museum cabinet
240 Model

This carefully crafted, high-quality cabinet includes 12 storage compartments separated and strengthened by a beaded center divider. Discover if this cabinet is best for your natural collection.

botany 241 museum cabinet
241 Model

Ideal for use as a herbarium, the 241 Model offers exceptional construction and a carefully crafted, unique design that provides extra space in front and back of the compartments to allow free circulation of air and fumigants. There’s also valuable extra working space provided by the convenient pullout work shelf.

botany 242 museum cabinet
242 Model

Ideal for use on compactor systems or in areas with limited space, the Model 242 is 4-1/4" narrower than two side-by-side Model 241 cabinets, yet it provides the same amount of storage at a more economical price.

botany cabinet filled with specimen boxes

Standard Features:

  • Solid, heavy-gauge steel, reinforced welded construction
  • High-quality, non-off-gassing powder coated finish
  • Closed-cell elastomeric seal and three-point latching system
  • Convenient lift-off reinforced door
  • Recessed door handle

Get inspired with Spacesaver’s Museum Solutions and visualize the transformation of your space!

model 241 herbarium cabinet holding specimens

Why Spacesaver?

For 50 years, Spacesaver has been designing and manufacturing storage solutions to preserve and protect collections and enable more efficient use of space. Our steel cabinets are manufactured in the U.S. to the highest standards and will stand the test of time. Further, Spacesaver’s museum market and library market expertise is unparalleled.

Unlock the Potential of Your Museum Space

An investment in high-quality museum cabinets is an investment in the future of your collections. That’s why Spacesaver is committed to bringing you the best value, unsurpassed customer service, and cabinets that can adapt as your collections grow and change over the decades.

Our in-house teams work closely with your local distributor to provide unparalleled customer service over the life of your product. With distributors in major cities across the U.S. and Canada, Spacesaver has knowledgeable public safety consultants and factory-certified technicians near you. If you’re ready to increase safety and access in your facility, reach out to our local representatives for a quote on a storage system that perfectly fits your specific space needs.