Entomology Cabinet

Our precision-crafted entomology cabinets provide safe and convenient storage for specimens of all sizes. Designed to accommodate four styles of entomology drawers (Cornell, USNM, California Academy, and Smithsonian), our cabinets conform to virtually any need.

entomology drawer housing colorful specimens

Discover Spacesaver Entomology Storage

Manufactured in the USA of solid, heavy-gauge steel with reinforced welded construction, our museum cabinets feature closed-cell gasket seals, with a three-point latching system to keep out dust and other pollutants. A non-off-gassing powder coat paint finish enhances durability and delivers a pristine look. The doors lift off their hinges, offering an easy means to clean the cabinets and rearrange drawers as collections expand.

Model 520 Spacesaver cabinet
520 Model

This cabinet features a convenient counter-height design and can be configured to accommodate virtually any size entomology drawer.

model 521 Spacesaver museum cabinet
521 Model

This full-height, single-door Spacesaver cabinet features a convenient pull-out work shelf and can be configured to accommodate virtually any size entomology drawers.

Model 522 Spacesaver Museum Cabinet with door open
522 Model

This popular, full-height double-door cabinet features two convenient pullout work shelves and can be configured to accommodate virtually any size entomology drawer.

entomology cabinet diagram with knockout points

Standard Features

  1. Counter-height entomology cabinets provide a convenient work or display surface, or they can be stacked to maximize floor space.
  2. Full-height cabinets feature maximum capacity and convenient pull-out shelves.
  3. Solid, heavy-gauge welded steel framework
  4. Lift-off reinforced doors
  5. WaterShield cap
  6. Elastometric seal for tight, dust-proof protection
entomology cabinet with drawers pulled out


Options vary by model. Please refer to Info Sheets for more information and the availability of additional options.

  1. Lock with standard recessed handle
  2. Lever handles with lock
  3. Recessed pocket lever handles
  4. Magnetic fumigant pocket
  5. Cornell configuration (capacity – 48 drawers)
  6. USNM configuration (capacity – 48 drawers)
  7. Smithsonian configuration (capacity – 56 drawers)
  8. California Academy configuration (capacity – 56 drawers)
entomology cabinet housing different drawer styles

Why Spacesaver?

For 50 years, Spacesaver has been designing and manufacturing storage solutions to preserve and protect collections and enable more efficient use of space. Our steel cabinets are USA-made to the highest standards and will stand the test of time. Further, Spacesaver’s museum market and library market expertise is unparalleled. Contact us to discuss your project!

We understand that no collection is standard, and our experts will help design a storage solution to fit your collection, your facility, and your day-to-day processes. Gain insights from top collections care professionals and space planners.

Get Connected

At Spacesaver, we know that new museum cabinets represent a significant investment. That’s why we work hard to bring you the best value and unsurpassed customer service from your project’s earliest planning stages to the final walk-through and ongoing routine maintenance.

Contact us to connect with your local Spacesaver consultant, who will work with our Wisconsin-based teams of in-house engineers and project managers to design, build, and install museum cabinets and other enduring storage solutions that will stand the test of time.